Shepherd hits the court for enjoyment

JONATHON Shepherd enjoys working with children and is looking forward to beginning his new position with Rockhampton Basketball.

Commencing the position of junior development officer, Shepherd said it was important to see the kids having a good time.

"I enjoy working with kids and it's fulfilling to see results,'' said the 25-year-old, who will also suitup for the Rockhampton Stadium Nightclub Rockets.

"My main priority is to develop and ensure improvement in the kids from under-10s through to under-18s.

"I would also like to increase the number of kids involved in basketball.''

Shepherd has a large amount of experience in the basketball industry, including a degree in business administration.

"I have played basketball at a competition level, state level and Australian level,'' he said.

Junior delegate for Rockhampton Basketball Robert Lorraway said Shepherd would work to create a network between schools and coaches which he will facilitate and co-ordinate.

"Jonathon will be ensuring kids get good coaching and development so they can enjoy basketball as it should be,'' he said.

"By having a network, it is a good way for coaches to develop their own skills and communicate new ideas.

"If they require assistance they have someone to go to.

"He will also be looking at assisting coaches by implementing training projects for all ages and at both club and representative levels.''

Lorraway said he would like Shepherd getting associated with the schools.

"We want to introduce them to basketball and allot a different player from the Rockets or Cyclones to each school,'' he said.

"Our goal is to develop the kids so they have the opportunity to play for the Rockets or the Cyclones.''

If you would like to contact Shepherd about school involvement call Rockhampton Basketball on 4922?5544.

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