Switch to quality television closer

IT IS OFFICIAL ? Australia is switching to digital and Frenchville's Justin Nelson is on the edge of his seat in anticipation of what is around the corner for the household television set.

The Australian Government released a $20 million Digital Action Plan last week to help guide Australians through the next three years ? the lead up to the official 2010 digital switch-over period.

Digital television uses more advanced technology than the analogue system, enabling more services to be provided and greatly improves sound and image reception.

The switch to digital television does not mean that your existing television set will become redundant. To watch digital television, you need a digital set-top box, a pay television set-top box or a fully integrated digital television set.

A civil engineer for the Department of Main Roads, Mr Nelson said he not long bought a plasma screen television and, separately, a digital set-top box.

"I have had no problem with reception, although I know someone who lives in the Frenchville area who is in a bit of a digital black spot.

"Although the initial transition stage will be harder for perhaps the older generation not wanting to spend the money, I'm looking forward to it ? it's really is going to be so much better."

Antenna installation technicians around Rockhampton have commented that the digital signal in the city is good, although there are a few transmitter shadow areas. They also said that the further west you headed, just like a mobile phone, the signal was weaker with less coverage.

Getting a good digital signal doesn't just rest on a large transmitter, but also on the compatibility of your antenna and cabling.

So, before you head out to join the latest technology wave of digital it is wise to consult someone who knows your area who can inform you of what you need to go digital.

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