TAB races start in the country

I SUPPOSE it could be akin to the lyrics of the Billy Idol song Promises, Promises!

It came out with so much pomp and ceremony last year before its inaugural meeting at Queensland Racing headquarters on Monday, August 8, 2005.

Such quotes along the lines of "giving country racing a greater say'' and the pearler "country racing will be master of its own destiny''. Naturally I am referring to the so-called saviour of country racing ? Queensland Country Racing Committee (QCRC). It hasn't happened and it won't while Queensland Rac- ing has the final say on who races where and when!

Take for example the Yeppoon Turf Club, which not so many years back raced 12 times annually, then 11, then nine when good heartedly taken-on by the Rockhampton Jockey Club.

Under Queensland Racing's control (and despite their denials and buck passing the blame on the RJC), the Yeppoon Turf Club now has just two meetings annually.

Well, under the so-called handback Country Racing to Country Racing (Promises, Promises) a few naive members of the industry believed that QR was at last seeing the light.

Recently, Thangool, Emerald and Gladstone race clubs agreed to give to Yeppoon a complement of races from six-event cards they had been funded for by Queensland Racing.

Yeppoon Turf Club president Greg Simpson said the three clubs acted in good faith and in a spirit of cooperation, realising the need for a boost in Yeppoon race dates.

Now bear in mind this extra meeting for Yeppoon would have been entirely funded by the six races the three clubs agreed to forego.

"Delegates of the Capricornia Racing Association fully supported the proposal while Col Truscott, the Queensland Country Racing liason officer gave it his backing as well,'' Simpson said.

Guess what happened when the proposal got to Brisbane?

Surprise, surprse ? it was shelved!

"We were told that Queensland Racing would not approve another race day for Yeppoon because Rockhampton had been struggling and losing some races off its TAB cards recently,'' Simpson said.

Greg Simpson can't say it but I can: "What a lot of unadulterated rubbish!''

Bentley's philosophy is that some extra non-TAB dates will damage TAB dates. It's akin to saying we will only fund high school education and not primary school education.

Bob, for God's sake wake up and recognise the breeding ground of TAB race meetings is country racing.

Regularly at Rocky TAB meetings maideners and Class 1 horses are balloted out or made emergencies and can't get a run. Owners rightly so get peeved off and lose interest.

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