Teen driver escapes with minor injuries

PAUL Smith and his family watched in horror as the driver of the car in front of them lost control.

The car flipped over five times and flew into the ditch along the Bruce Highway yesterday.

Pulling over, the Boyne Island man wasted no time in going to the 19-year-old woman's aid.

He rushed to the driver expecting the worst, but was relieved to find she was not badly hurt.

"She was pretty lucky,'' he said at the accident scene, 20km south of Rockhampton.

"She was still in the car when we got there.''

The driver had minor injuries and was taken to Rockhampton Hospital.

And even though she was not seriously hurt, she was still shaken up, said her sister Melissa Smith.

"She called me right after she got in the accident,'' she said.

"She was very nervous and very frightened.''

As soon as Ms Smith heard her sister was in trouble she drove out to the scene.

When she arrived paramedics, police and firefighters were on site, applying first aid.

"I just hope she is okay.''

The cause of the accident was not known yesterday.

The family driving behind her said she just started to swerve.

"She wasn't speeding because she was going the same speed as me,'' Mr Smith said, who is not related to the accident victim.

"For some reason she just lost control of the car.'' After the accident he and a group of people rushed to the car.

"We pulled over and went down with first aid,'' he said.

"The vehicle had rolled down into the ditch.

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