Teen outcast robs Good Samaritan

JOHN Owens took in street-kid Michael Fulton in an effort to help him get back on track.

As repayment the 18-year-old petty criminal robbed him.

Mr Owens let Fulton stay at his Gracemere residence in early January after the teenager was told he wasn't welcome at his mother's house.

During his brief stay Fulton convinced Owens' 13-year-old son Donnie and some of his friends to help him break into the Gracemere Pool.

Donnie yesterday admitted the crime was a "stupid thing to do'' but said he had been conned by Fulton.

After Mr Owens told him to leave Fulton returned to the Labanka Crescent address and broke in through a screen door.

When neighbours questioned him he told them he had Mr Owens' permission to break into the house.

The 18-year-old then stole Donnie's X-box and sold it.

"You try to help somebody out and feed them and everything and they do this to you,'' he said.

"I've had many kids stay with me over the years but this one takes the cake.''

Fulton told The Morning Bulletin on February 6 that he couldn't imagine a life without crime saying it was all he knew.

However, Mr Owens yesterday produced documents left behind by Fulton which indicate the 18-yearold successfully completed TAFE courses in construction.

"He is a liar and a con-artist,'' he said.

Fulton was handed an 18-month probation order in Rockhampton Magistrates Court earlier this month after pleading guilty to numerous offences including stealing from his mother and robbing a sick mate who was in hospital.

But Mr Owens maintains Fulton should have been sent to prison.

"The judge let him off but I think he should have done some time at least.

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