There is always time for romance

MICHELLE Pearce, 24, has a secret admirer.

He's tall and dark and wants to take her out to the ballet next month.

The catch is, it's her husband of almost two years, Kevin.

For their second anniversary, the 32-year-old published an announcement in The Morning Bulletin inviting Mrs Pearce to the Swan Lake production at the Pilbeam Theatre.

He signed it "Your secret admirer''.

Mrs Pearce said her husband was always trying to surprise her with romantic gestures.

"The day he proposed to me, he made a suit of armour with his family coat of arms and asked me at Stockland's Shopping Fair in front of passersby, friends and family on the day of my birthday in 2002,'' she said.

Mr Pearce added: "The proposal had to be modified as I was looking for a white horse to ride in on.''

He said he had always been a romantic and got most of his ideas from old movies his mother used to watch.

"I like to surprise my wife once in a while.'

Mrs Pearce replied: "My work colleagues get very jealous.''

She said Mr Pearce had a habit of picking out cards and sending them to her for no reason at all.

"When it came to the announcement in Thursday's paper, it took me a while to notice the message because I know that Kevin always reads the classifieds,'' she said.

"He was there at the time that I read it.''

Mr Pearce said romance was all about seizing the moment.

"I work at a funeral directing business and I know that life's too short,'' he said.

"You've got to live to the max and express your love with your partner as much as you can and not just by saying 'I love you'.

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