Thirsty for answers to $1300 water bill

JASON Titmarsh got one of the biggest shocks when he opened his first water bill.

He was expecting about $20 or $30, but was gobsmacked when his eyes fell upon the bottom line of $1300.

"I just thought this is not possible. This can't be right,'' he said.

Mr Titmarsh said the bill was made even more frightening by the fact he had bought the Norbank Street property only about two months ago.

He said he had been living in a shed while he waited for a house to be built and had in the past month been joined by his wife and two children when the septic tank was installed.

Mr Titmarsh believes there is no way his water-wise family could have used that much.

The only volume they used on the 5500 square metre block was for household or light garden use.

"We've had four inches of rain in the last week. We've had no need to water.

"We had leaky taps when I moved in but they've been fixed. We even installed watersaving shower heads.''

Mr Titmarsh said his bill showed he had used about 1300 Kl. He said he had contacted Rockhampton City Council, Fitzroy River Water and his solicitor. Fitzroy River Water general manager Neil Hanschen said investigations into Mr Titmarsh's bill would get under way this week.

While he could not speculate on the possible reasons for Mr Titmarsh's high bill, he said the meters were usually accurate.

"They are positive displacement meters.

"Unless the meter is proven to be inaccurate, the water has gone through the meter.

"There's always a logical explanation to most things.''

Mr Hanschen said Mr Titmarsh was not the only resident who had queried their bill. FRW was now working through queries.

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