Tropical bliss on a backyard budget

If you're not into yoga, if you have half a brain ...''

Great song. Great drink.

When Melanie P and I learned the exciting news we had been gifted with the same rostered day off, we pondered the many options for fun times available.

Day at the beach? No, it's a king tide and we'll surely be dashed to pieces.

Beach Plan B ? leisurely drinks at The Strand? No, someone has to drive.

It was a tough one but finally we decided the perfect way to spend a lazy Tuesday was in the paddling pool with Pina Coladas.

The plan was beautiful in its simplicity.

Melanie and her gal pal Jenny are the proud owners of an already inflated wading pool.

All we needed were the key ingredients for a perfect pina colada cocktail; ice, shots of white rum, shots of coconut cream and pineapple juice.

A trip to collect the necessary ingredients from the supermarket saw us dither for hours over suitable snacks to float in the pool.

It was worth it, we told ourselves after endless debate over various dips and chips.

Sub-standard snacks were simply unnacceptable.

We also couldn't resist a pack of party pies and sausage rolls.

I mean, really, these delicacies are an Australian institution, much like adults drinking in pools designed for children.

The food phase complete, it was stop-off time at the friendly bottle-o for rumba and ice before jumping into our cossies and into the refreshing pool.

It was grand. The cocktails were delicious and the sunshine made the water sparkle.

As we chilled, chatted and relaxed in the pool, the conversation of course danced along a variety of wide-ranging topics.

We discussed everything from Cleveland locomotives to the interesting fact that Jenny had, in fact, blown up the pool.

We were swimming in a pool inflated purely by the air from her lungs. Amazing!

Here's our recipe, should you ever fancy a day in the pool with cocktails .?.?.

One shot of white rum, one shot of coconut cream, crushed ice and a cup and a quarter of pineapple juice.

Other costs are: Paddling pools which can be as cheap as $40 from Kmart, and our Pina Colada ingredients came to under $30. Bargain.

Yes, Rupert Holmes, I really do like Pina Colada.

If I could only get that damn song out of my head .?.?.

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