Vandals' attack destroys couples' faith in people

CHRIS Short sat on his front steps and cried yesterday as he looked in disbelief at his vandalised car.

The disabled Rockhampton man and his wife, Julie, have been devastated by the loss of their vehicle after vandals destroyed it on the weekend.

"Every time we get on top, somebody knocks us down,'' Mr Short said.

The couple had returned from a trip to Mackay celebrating their seventh wedding anniversary on Sunday to find their Ford Courier, which was parked on the street in front of their house, had been completely trashed. The car was clearly marked with a disabled sticker.

All four tyres were slashed, with engine wires cut and glass smashed. A car CD player was also stolen. "We want to curl up and die now,'' Mrs Short said as she described how the senseless act had impacted on their lives.

Her biggest worry is how her husband will get to his medical appointments in Yeppoon.

"We're pensioners, we can't afford a new car, we have only had this one for three months'' she said.

"That is $13,000 worth of car, just gone.''

Mr Short must be accompanied at all times in case he collapses as a result of his medication.

He has survived stomach cancer, and has had surgery for back and gall bladder problems.

"I wouldn't have cared if they broke into the house and took the TV, computer, everything,'' he said.

"Transportation is the only way we can get around and do anything.

"I can't walk over 100 yards without painkillers.''

The couple, who have both endured operations in the latter end of the year, are hoping their insurance will cover the damage.

Mr Short has suffered sleepless nights wondering why this has happened.

"I have been wracking my brain all night (about who might have done the damage),'' he said.

"Ten years we have been scraping to save for this car.'' The Rockhampton couple's previous car was broken into six months ago.

"We would just like to help other people by warning them not to park their car out on the street.''

If anybody has any information regarding the incident in West Street, The Range, please contact Rockhampton police.

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