We will sue police for violating our privacy

NORTH Rockhampton's Facer family believe they have been unfairly targetted by police after their house was raided for drugs twice in the past two months.

In both cases the warrant indicated police were searching for cannabis but neither search turned up any trace of drugs.

But after suffering the humiliation of having strangers go through his personal belongings Barry Facer says he plans to sue police for defamation of character.

"They will never find drugs here because none of us do drugs,'' he said. "It's a terrible thing to lay in bed at night and think 'those b....... went through my wife's drawers','' he said.

But acting regional crime coordinator Senior Sergeant Graham Richards defended the raids, saying officers were acting on information they had received.

"For us to obtain a warrant we have to show that we have specific information,'' he said. At the time of both raids Mr Facer was working out of town with his weed control business but his 19-year-old daughter, Katie, was home during the most recent raid and was searched for drugs.

"While the raid was going on I wanted to go to the toilet but they wouldn't let me until they had patted me down and searched me,'' she said.

Mr Facer said he planned to ask police to test his family to prove they did not take drugs. "I can't believe they think I'm a druggie ... I don't even smoke.''

Senior Sergeant Richards said he was willing to discuss the matter with Mr Facer but said police had a duty to investigate information provided to them.

He also defended the officers' decision to search Katie before allowing her to go to the toilet.

"We've had instances in the past where evidence has been lost because people flushed it down the toilet,'' he said.

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