Will's a 'living miracle'

FOR the first time since being diagnosed with leukaemia at age two, little Will Wright is now living like a normal boy.

"He had his first sports day this month and came third in a race,'' Will's mother Jenny enthused.

"He had his first school photos taken.

"He's just catching up on all the milestones. He's normal like everyone else now.''

After a staggering 119 admissions to hospital, the six-year-old Alton Downs boy is anything but normal.

He's a living miracle as far as his parents are concerned. ? Mrs Wright said Will was now well on the road to recovery following a life-saving bone marrow transplant last year.

"He gets knocked down, but he gets up again, just like the song. Nothing seems to stop him,'' she said.

Mrs Wright said the transplant had been Will's last chance after he relapsed for a second time with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

She said Will's blood tests continued to come back cancer-free and she was hopeful that he may be cured.

"Doctors can't tell us if he'll ever be out of the woods.

"He may relapse in puberty. He may relapse when he's 50 or he may never relapse again.''

She said while the effects of Will's full body radiation were still unknown, the family was grateful for every extra day he had been given.

"We don't know what the future holds as far as him having kids, but we don't care.

"We're just happy we've got him this far.''

Mrs Wright said a portacap inserted in Will's chest since he was diagnosed was removed last week.

The portacap had given doctors direct access to Will's heart in case he needed medicine quickly.

Mrs Wright said the family would breathe a sigh of relief when Will reached the 12-month mark after the transplant in December.

She said they planned to party for a month.

Will's father John said the only thing Will couldn't do was feed the chooks and ride the sheep because of the risk of infection from their fleas.

Mr Wright said in another positive milestone for Will he had recently had one of his first haircuts.

Mrs Wright said Will was now enjoying being a kid.

"He loves rugby, rocks, dinosaurs and arts.

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