Young girl crashes car into Rocky yard

LOUISE Greening was taking a shower Sunday evening when a 12-year-old driver ploughed through the front fence and garden of her Farm Street home.

The 40-year-old North Rockhampton woman rushed out to her yard to see the front end of a brand new Toyota sedan lying one metre above the ground.

Beneath the car were two eight metre tall trees and a wire fence.

"All I can say is she must have had her foot flat on the floor.

"If the fence and trees were not there she would have hit the house,'' she said.

The 12-year-old was transported to the Rockhampton Hospital for observation and assessment.

Yet there appeared to be no end to the drama for Ms Greening that evening.

After the accident occurred Ms Greening was furious at the number of people milling about her property.

A few people even walked on her property and assessed the scene, she said.

"It's not a sideshow, it's my front yard,'' she said. "It's an invasion of privacy, it was not something for the public.''

She said over 50 people pulled over and had a "sticky beak'' at the crash.

"I don't begrudge my neighbours, they came and helped.

"It's the people who came out of nowhere and came right into my yard to see how far the car had come up,'' she said.

"Like it was a big party or something.''

She also said the fence and trees used to act as a buffer zone to the high volume of vehicles passing by the road.

"She destroyed in 10 minutes what took 11 and a half years to create.''

It is unknown whether the 12year-old girl was charged with any offences.

Police are still investigating.

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