Young girls on the grog

THE 14-year-old should have been at home.

Instead, Rockhampton police found her drinking bourbon late at night on Yaamba Road.

Police have been shocked by a recent spate of under-age drinking in the city.

Rockhampton police liquor licensing co-ordinator Senior Constable Paul Bennett said the sudden increase coincid- ed with the start of the school holidays.

Police have fined dozens of teenagers in a recent crackdown. These include;

A $225 fine for a 16-year-old girl picked up with a 1125ml bottle and six-pack of rum on Denning Street last week;

An adult who copped a $600 fine for supplying alcohol to a minor in a public place;

A city licensee who was hit with a $1875 fine for allowing an under-age drinker to consume alcohol on their premises; and

A 17-year-old girl who was fined $225 twice. Firstly, for under-age drinking and secondly for falsely saying she was 18.

The 14-year-old was fined $225 for her offence which occurred after 10pm a couple of days before Christmas.

Senior Constable Bennett warned teenagers they faced hefty penalties when caught.

He said parents had a responsibility to know what their children were doing during the holiday period.

"We have concerns about the number of youths located recently in possession of alcohol,'' Senior Constable Bennett said.

"We have been issuing a lot of tickets.''

He said there had been problems with under-age drinking at parties.

This includes gatecrashers.

He reminded people to register parties with police.

"We encourage all parents to register their parties with our Party Safe program,'' Senior Constable Bennett said.

This can be done at local police stations by providing the address of the party, a contact number for an organiser and the expected number of people to attend.

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