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Army doctors hailed heroes

A TEAM of Australian Defence Force medics saved the life of a Rockhampton woman in the immediate aftermath of a horrific car crash.

The medical team was en-route to the Talisman-Saber exercise at Shoalwater Bay when it came across the scene of destruction on the Bruce Highway at Parkhurst.

There they found Doris Grose, of East Barmoya Road, unable to breathe after sustaining multiple injuries when her car collided with a truck.

The officers - including surgical and nursing staff - carried out lifesaving first aid at the roadside, cutting a hole through her windpipe and tending to her wounds as soldiers directed traffic around the scene.

Yesterday Mrs Grose was being treated in Rockhampton Hospital's intensive care ward where her condition was described as serious.

The Morning Bulletin understands she is on a ventilator and not fit enough to be transferred to Brisbane for facial reconstruction. She suffered multiple fractures to her face and upper body.

Cr Glenda Mather, a friend of the Grose family, said yesterday she thought the army medical team were heroes who deserved recognition for saving Mrs Grose's life.

“I understand that if they had not been on the spot there could have been a different outcome.

“These people might not seek thanks or praise but they certainly deserve it,” she said.

Cr Mather praised the team at yesterday's Rockhampton Regional Council meeting where she said they deserved to be honoured for their skill and quick thinking.

“A delay of a few minutes in getting professional medical care for Mrs Grose could have made all the difference. I think it was a minor miracle that a fully qualified medical team just happened to be there,” she said.

The medical team helped Queensland Ambulance Service in transporting Mrs Grose to hospital.

An Australian Army spokesman said the medical officers would have preferred to remain anonymous because they felt they had simply done their jobs after being in the right place at the right time.

They had just flown-in to Rockhampton and were travelling to the field hospital at Shoalwater when they came across the accident.

The accident happened on Friday afternoon.

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