Arrested woman films TV press pack


The Victorian woman who was dramatically dragged from her car at a police checkpoint over the weekend has been secretly recording her interactions with journalists in the wake of the controversy.

Beauty salon owner Natalie Bonett, 29, uploaded video of her arrest to Facebook on Saturday, the latest viral footage fuelling ongoing criticism of perceived heavy-handed tactics by Victoria Police during coronavirus lockdown.

In videos posted to Facebook apparently taken from her home security cameras, Ms Bonett is seen interacting with TV news crews from Channel 9 and Channel 7 for the Sunday night evening news bulletins.

"All right, look thanks for taking the time, I just wanted you to be able to put your two cents forward so that people aren't just judging from a video they saw," the Channel 7 reporter tells her as she stands on her porch.

"Appreciate your time and fingers crossed you don't get harassed by another asshole cop."

Ms Bonett wrote in the video caption, "Her words, not mine."

The 29-year-old is facing a string of charges.
The 29-year-old is facing a string of charges.


In another video the Channel 9 reporter appears to sympathise with Ms Bonett, telling her she has the same windshield phone holder that sparked the confrontation.

Ms Bonett said in the captions for the videos, which have since been deleted, that she was showing the "behind the scenes" the media "don't want you to see".

The videos were taken down from her page on Monday morning.

Ms Bonett has been contacted for comment.

Victoria Police on Sunday released a statement defending the officers' actions.

They said the Wallan woman was stopped "at the checkpoint in relation to her mobile phone obstructing her view due to its position on the windscreen and explained that this was an offence".

"The woman refused to remove her phone from the windscreen," the spokesman said.

Ms Bonett allegedly refused to supply her details and driver's licence, which are offences under the Road Safety Act.

"The woman was warned that if she did not provide her details, she would be arrested," the spokesman said.

"She still refused and was asked by police to get out of her car. When she refused this request, she was taken from the car by officers and taken into custody."

Ms Bonet wrote on Facebook about what allegedly happened when pulled over by police.

"The police officer told me that it was against the law to have my phone on a car charger mount on my windshield," she wrote in a public Facebook post.

"I was in disbelief. He then attempted to get into my vehicle at which I started recording

"They called for backup and had four police officers grab me by the legs and pull me out of my car and arrest me.

"While trying to cuff me they had their knees in my back and I couldn't breathe.

"My blood is boiling."

Ms Bonett was later released and is expected to be charged on summons with "driving with obscured vision, fail to produce licence, fail to state her name and address, resist arrest, assault police and offensive language", police said.



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