Assault on police leads to jail

A MAN who didn't want to go quietly when police came knocking has been jailed for six months and ordered to pay officers compensation after assaulting them.

He was also out on parole for a grievous bodily harm offence at the time.

Nicholas William Ryan, who has a history of being in and out of prison, appeared in the Rockhampton Magistrates Court on Tuesday where he pleaded guilty to two charges of assaulting police and one each of entering premises and stealing.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Joe Aboud told the court police had gone to a Macarthur St, Rockhampton, address on November 22 to speak with Ryan, after his fingerprint had been found at the scene of a theft at a North Rockhampton accountants on November 19. Sgt Aboud said police officers watched Ryan shove another person, using his open hands.

The police officers wrestled with Ryan, with all three eventually falling to the ground. One police officer sustained a strained right hamstring and a sprained right ankle, resulting in five days off work. The other suffered bruising to the right shoulder blade and right arm. Defence lawyer Shayne Studdert said Ryan could not remember stealing the handbag but accepted the charge due to the evidence of his fingerprint.

For the assaults, Mr Studdert said his client was prepared to pay restitution.

"We are not looking at a deliberate attack (on police) on his behalf," Mr Studdert said.

"They were injured while tackling him."

Magistrate Barry Cosgrove sentenced Ryan to six months jail for each of the assault charges, to be served concurrently.

He also ordered Ryan to pay $300 compensation for each of the assaults.

He must also pay $690 restitution to the theft victim.

"Your conduct could have had far more serious consequences," the magistrate said.

"Police officers, like anyone else, should be able to go to work and feel safe."

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