ATO email is a scam

YOU would think an email with the Australian Government logo on it would be legitimate.

Think again.

There is a new email “phishing” scam circulating Central Queensland, which uses the lure of a tax refund to try to steal private information.

Yeppoon’s Roslynne Adamus sent a copy of the email, which claims to be from the Australia Tax Department, to The Morning Bulletin after it was received by a friend.

She said she wanted to warn people that it was a scam.

The email shows a fake Tax Office email address as the sender and claims the recipient is eligible for a tax refund, prompting them to click on a link and provide their credit card details.

Roslynne said the email was “scary” particularly since she did her business tax online.

“You would feel violated because you would believe you were dealing with the Government,” she said.

The email scam has been labelled quite sophisticated by Assistant Treasurer Senator Nick Sherry, who said it used convincing fake headers and logos of what could be easily mistaken for Australian Tax Office web pages.

“Reports coming into the ATO suggest there is a high volume of these emails going out over the internet,” he said. “The Tax Office never sends emails asking people to provide personal information or credit card details.”

He said anyone who had given credit card information to the bogus site should immediately report it to their card provider.

More information on online security including examples of scam forms and emails is available at the Tax Office website,

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