Aurizon works to a walk out at 1pm over a number of work issues.
Aurizon works to a walk out at 1pm over a number of work issues. Allan Reinikka ROK120816aaurizon

Aurizon workers strike

ROCKHAMPTON workers at rail giant Aurizon walked off site yesterday in disgust at the way they are being treated.

They believe there is a lack of consultation between the employees and site management stemming from several issues.

About 60 workers believe they are being unfairly asked to increase productivity.

They claim their apprentices do not receive necessary training and there is a lack of privacy for compulsory breath tests which occur daily.

Australian Manufacturing Workers Union organiser Bernie Misztal said the current management of the Bolsolver St site, was "appalling”.

"It is appalling. There is a total disregard for employees. They go against their own values and behaviours,” Mr Misztal said.

"But trying to talk to this manager here and point it out to him. Well, you have more chance winning lotto.”

Mr Misztal said he was contacted this morning by Aurizon employees who wanted to organise a meeting to discuss ways to improve productivity.

But when they asked management for a time that they could meet and discuss, Mr Misztal said they were told to 'do it in their own time'.

"This has been building for a few months now and came to head this morning because the manager at this site wants to improve productivity but I believe that under his management that we have lost productivity,” he said.

"Morale here is pretty low. It was high but has dropped very low under this management.”

Mr Misztal's message to Aurizon Rockhampton management is, "please consult your staff”.

"Please allow staff to have time to have consultation with employees and also uphold the values and behaviours that you expect from employees,” he said.

Aurizon refused to comment on his claims about Rockhampton management issues but acknowledged the hour-long strike took place.

"Today a small number of Aurizon employees based at Rockhampton workshop met with a union delegate during their lunch break,” a spokesperson said.

"Aurizon management actively consults and communicates with employees daily at pre-start meetings and exit meetings.”

Mr Misztal said he would ask union bosses to speak to Aurizon senior management regarding the crisis.

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