2019 WINNERS: Livingstone Shire Council Australia Day Awards.
2019 WINNERS: Livingstone Shire Council Australia Day Awards.

Aussie Day awards’ line-up revealed

A HOST of amazing nominees have been highlighted in the 2020 Livingstone Shire Australia Day Awards to be held on Friday, January 25 at Yeppoon Town Hall, making for a very difficult choice for the judging panel.

Livingstone Deputy Mayor Nigel Hutton said our shire's greatest attribute was its brilliant citizens and, while only one winner was announced on the day, these nominees were all examples of the spirit of our community.

"It is one of the greatest honours I've had as deputy mayor to read through and share the service of these nominees with our community," Cr Hutton said.

"From recognising the lifetime of achievements of our living legends, to the efforts made this past year by our citizens of the year and endearing aspiration of our young citizens, we are blessed and I'm proud we've had the opportunity to recognise all their achievements.

"The judging panel, representing a broad cross section of our community, spent many hours exploring the nominations and are grateful for the wealth of information each nominator provided and acknowledge their desire to celebrate such worthy examples of our community."

And the nominees are:

Community Group Service Award Nominees

QF 24 Coastguard Thirsty Sound

Coastguard Thirsty Sound, QF24, is based at Stanage and operates a volunteer marine rescue service for coastal areas from Island Head Creek, within the Shoalwater Military Training Area, in the south to Curle Island in the north and seaward for a range of 50 nautical miles including the internal waters of Shoalwater and Broadsound Bays including the community of Clairview.

Capricorn Coast Visitor Information Centre

There are 32 members of the volunteer team at the Capricorn Coast Visitor Information Centre who are dedicated to ensuring that the doors are open to assist visitors, seven days a week, between 9am and 5pm. This equates to an average of 110 hours per week. In the 2019 financial year the volunteers worked 5725 hours, welcoming a staggering 13,617 visitors and handling over 2403 telephone inquiries. The volunteer team are passionate about sharing accurate, relevant and helpful information with visitors and pride themselves on continuing to have the most up to date information at their fingertips.

Lions Club of Emu Park

In 2019 the Lions Club of Emu Park celebrated its 45th year of dedicated community service. As an integral part of the fabric of its local community, the club has worked consistently to assist residents and numerous organisations and to improve the infrastructure of the local area. In order to deliver financial assistance and local improvements, the club undertakes a major fundraising event with an annual Oktoberfest.

Sailability Capricornia Inc.

With about 30 volunteers, Sailability gives their time and skills by taking disabled people (teenagers and adults) for half an hour sail on the Causeway Lake on the first, third and fifth Tuesdays of the month. As well as the sailing experience, their clients enjoy the social aspect of meeting and sharing time with each other while waiting for their turn to sail, as do their carers.

Lions Club of Yeppoon Inc.

The Lions Club of Yeppoon has 27 members with six additional volunteers who regularly donate their time. They also work closely with the Yeppoon Lionesses, who have 33 members. With multiple fundraisers and initiatives throughout the year, volunteer hours fluctuate. During the recent bushfire, volunteer hours were about 300 hours per week, while a normal week would see approximately 65 hours of volunteering time.

Keppel Bay Sailing Club

Keppel Bay Sailing Club is a not-for-profit organisation with a strong focus on community support. They employ more than 140 local staff and contribute $3.9 million dollars in wages each year which mostly goes back into the local economy. They support local businesses by buying and spending more than $1.6 million locally per year. One of their most recent initiatives is their new local produce menu at Clubhouse which supports local farmers and graziers.

Living Legend Award Nominees

Tom Wyatt

During many years of service to the community and with the Livingstone Shire Council, Tom has performed many duties to the advantage of the Livingstone Shire people. His dedication to the horticultural industry, offering gardening advice for more than 35 years has been exemplary and forever forthcoming. Having had his own nursery, worked for the Rockhampton City Council in the Botanical Gardens, his development of the Kershaw Gardens and his ABC Radio Presentation, the knowledge he has passed on to the general public has been helpful across the region.

Brian Fisher

Brian Fisher is the head senior teacher at Yeppoon State High School and is in charge of the Capricorn Coast Trade Training Centre which delivers quality vocational education to students and the wider community. The centre is Brian's legacy of creativity and future thinking which has benefited hundreds of students at Yeppoon High, outside agencies and other schools as they access a modern and well-equipped trade training environment.

Carol Gorton

In the 20 years Carol Gorton has been a resident of Livingstone Shire, she has been immersed fully in community activities. Initially, her voluntary work was focused on Rotary and over time Carol has taken on other volunteer roles, while still performing her Rotary duties. Foremost of these additional roles is her work as a community engagement volunteer with Legacy. Carol is a highly motivated and extremely generous person. While the Rotary Club is small in numbers, through Carol's leadership the club has raised record funds this year.

Elizabeth Goodsell

Elizabeth has been a volunteer for most of her life through different clubs and organisations, starting in 1979 and continuing until present day.

Elizabeth joined the Yeppoon Lioness Club in November 1995 and has held a variety of director's positions from 1995 until 2009 including secretary, assistant secretary, YOTY chairman and Bulletin editor. She joined the Lions Club of Yeppoon Inc in April 2007 and has held most positions except treasurer. For 2.5 years Elizabeth was a joint Lion/Lioness.

Julie Clews

Julie Clews has lived in the Rossmoya area and has volunteered in community activities for Rossmoya and The Caves, of the Livingstone Shire for a period of 47 plus years.

She joined The Caves Lions Club on March 5, 2014 and is currently in her second year of being president, after being director and meal co-ordinator prior to this position. Julie is always available to assist with local community functions, has a great knowledge of the local areas and is highly respected by all members of The Caves and District Lions Club.

John Martin

John Martin was the initial manager of the Capricorn Adventist Retirement Village on Rockhampton Road which opened on November 20, 1994. The initial site was four hectares, with the initial construction being a hostel with 36 beds and six bed sitters - almost from the day the doors opened all beds have been occupied. A proviso of the Federal Government grant used to construct the facility was that it was to be financially independent.

Robert Pullar

Robert has been involved in mentoring other men at the Yeppoon Men's Shed and has also contributed his services to the community by helping out at the Lion's Van at Mitre 10 fundraising days, Australia Day and Pineapple Festival. He has also been a volunteer caretaker at the Girl Guides Outdoor Education Centre for the past 18 years, assisting with mowing and maintenance work. Robert has been a business owner, a volunteer firefighter in the Clermont Brigade before moving to Yeppoon, and has been involved in many other local committees. He is the current secretary for Yeppoon Men's Shed and a disability advocate within the community, contributing his time and efforts at many community events.

Young Citizen of the Year Nominees

Jack Newton

Jack Newton is a long time member of the Yeppoon SLSC starting in the Nipper program at Under 9. At 17 years of age, he is now a valued patrolling member contributing 40 hours of community service so far since January 1, 2019. Jack's highlight of the year has been the rescue of a man in distress after falling from his surf ski a few kilometres from shore. Jack trains six days a week, morning and afternoon, on average 25 hours per week. He is dedicated to surf sports and competes in the open age category as well as his U17 age group.

Michaella Armstrong

In 2019 Michaella was involved in many school groups and played a leadership role in these. These groups include the Environmental Committee, Justice Action Group and Cultural Committee. In these groups she was able to organise events such as the St Ursula's College Recycling Scheme and commits at least three hours a week to the community.

Owen Harris

Owen participates in most local clean ups including Clean Up Australia and Reef Clean, not just locally but all the way to Broome when on outback holiday. Owen's clean up is not just limited to these events - he is constantly cleaning up wherever he goes, even making a day out of it on the local beaches!

Owen helps out the local Landcare group with watering, weeding and cleaning up at their dune rehabilitation sites. Owen's passion for helping the local environment led him to join the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors program where the fundraised over $6000 which will also help out the animal hospital at Australia Zoo.

Citizen of the Year Nominees

Craig Maddy

Craig has been second in charge at the Adelaide Park Road Rural Fire Station, as well as being the work group leader at the Yeppoon Ergon Energy depot. During fire season, Craig can work up to 16 plus hours juggling his days volunteering to fight fires while also maintaining his Ergon Energy commitments. Although his house was potentially under threat during the November bushfires, he was out fighting fires to protect other people's houses and land.

Clint Holloway

Clint Holloway is a distinguished, yet modest, teacher at Yeppoon State High School. In a volunteer capacity he fulfils the additional role of rugby league coordinator, which involves providing multiple opportunities for students of YSHS to train, develop and participate in competitive social setting. He regularly organises afternoon training sessions for multiples teams and also attends matches as a coach.

Behind the scenes he supports other teachers to develop as coaches and organises gym sessions for students before school and buses to transport everyone to and from the games safely and affordably.

Mark Middleton

During the November bushfire incident Mark's house burnt down and he lost everything. He walked out with his dogs, phone, wallet and the shirt on his back. The fire was heading for his neighbour's house and, instead of falling into a heap over his loss, he ran next door to help save the house. Through this hard ordeal, he has kept a positive outlook and has tried to not let the situation affect his demeanour.

Susan Pullar

Susan has spent the last 35 years with Girl Guides as an adult leader and has held various roles and positions within the State and Capricorn Region.

Susan wears many hats and is currently the secretary and member of the Senior Group of Girl Guides, the Trefoil Guild, treasurer for Capricorn Region, auditor for the Unit Accounts in the regions for the last 20 years and is also a qualified canoeing instructor.

Jim and Elizabeth Goodsell

Both Jim and Elizabeth are heavily involved in their community. They are current members of the Lions Club of Yeppoon Inc, Coastguard, Capricorn Coast Historical Society, the Choral

Society and a lot more. They currently both hold the position of Rescue Boat Skippers at the Coastguard and can be called on 24/7.

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