WE'RE LOVIN' IT: David Hill and his daughter Lydia Hill
WE'RE LOVIN' IT: David Hill and his daughter Lydia Hill

Aussie made: CQ grazier's tasty McDonald's deal

DAVID Hill has a love for producing beef.

On his 6800-hectare property at Clarke Creek, 175km north-west of Rockhampton, Mr Hill and his family have been running cattle for almost 50 years.

With a mix-breed herd, including charolias, angus and belmont red cross, sustainability is the word on his lips.

Mr Hill is one of many farmers across Australia producing beef for McDonald's.

His cattle are processed at either Lakes Creek in Rockhampton or Thomas Borthwick and Sons in Mackay.

The Central Queenslander first got involved with McDonald's when he was on the board of the Cattle Council of Australia.

He noticed on social media people were asking if McDonald's beef was 100 per cent Australian.

"I thought hang on, we don't import any beef into this country to a great extent,” he said.

"Unless it's sometimes from New Zealand, but other than that it's fresh meat.

"It has to be cooked to come into this country, if it doesn't come from New Zealand.”

But the reason Mr Hill wanted to get involved with McDonald's was to talk about sustainability.

"We're all about the sustainability of what we do,” he said.

"And that's why I first got involved with them (McDonald's) because it was a whole global round table and McDonald's were the leaders in that talking about sustainability.”

Mr Hill said it was a good time to be in the beef industry, with many producers doing great things.

"It's from one end of the supply chain to another and there's a lot of people in the industry that are doing a lot of good things,” he said.

But Mr Hill is proud of the recognition McDonald's has given his family and his property.

"It's just a small breeding and fattening operation in Clarke Creek,” he said.

"It's a family run turn-out. For us personally it's the recognition.

"The people from McDonald's have come out here to look at what we do and it's all about the sustainability.”

Much of the Clarke Creek beef goes to America as well.

"We are EU accredited, so our stuff will be sent to the European Union too,” Mr Hill said.

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