4PM: Lawrence Orel spokesman for NPWS said the whale carcass was dragged up the beach to Tallow Beach carpark using an excavator.

He said it will be loaded onto a truck for disposal.

"It will go to a disposal site. It will be taken away and buried."

"They need to arrange to lift it onto a flatbed, so it can be taken away and disposed of."

Mr Orel said they were expecting it to be removed and disposed of by this afternoon.

"It's not unexpected that from time to time we will see this sort of thing occur, where we currently have around 30,000 humpback whales passing the area and as with any population the weaker ones or older ones don't make it," he said.

"This is the longest migration of any animal in the animal kingdom.

"While we don't know the cause of death there is no obvious signs.

"There will be some samples looked at by vets and other marine animal experts which may be able to provide an indication of what caused it's death.

"People should report standard or injured wildlife to their local National Parks and Wildlife Services."

2.30PM: A JUVENILE humpback whale has been removed from a beach after being found dead this morning.

Wildlife crews and volunteers have now removed the 8.8m humpback whale carcass from the water at Tallow Beach in Byron Bay, which will be taken to an off-site location to be buried as soon as possible, NPWS ranger Keely Markobina confirmed.

In October last year, a dead baby whale washed up on South Ballina beach and was buried by National Parks and Wildlife Services about 150 metres inland, before being exhumed and taken to the municipal tip by The Office of Environment and Heritage after issues arose around concerns of safety if bodily fluids from the carcass were to wash in to the ocean.

ORIGINAL: WILDLIFE crews are preparing to remove an 8.8m humpback whale carcass from Tallow Beach in Byron Bay, which washed up on shore this morning.

National Parks And Wildlife Service (NPWS) ranger Keely Markobina said police, NPWS and volunteer wildlife rehabilitation group ORRCA had been at the scene this morning.

"The dead whale was reported to the police by a member of the public at 8.10am," Ms Markobina said.

"The whale is still at the water's edge and is definitely dead so the next stage will be how to remove the whale from the area and bury it off-site."

The wildlife group's strategy will involve moving the whale out of the water.

"We haven't figured out the exact process of removing it yet but when it's safe to do so we will," Ms Marobina said.

She said police will be there during the operation for assistance.

A dead whale has washed up at Tallow Beach, Suffolk Park.
A dead whale has washed up at Tallow Beach, Suffolk Park. Christian Morrow

"We have a whale expert Dr Elizabeth Hawkins (Dolphin Research Australia) who is assisting NPWS as well as ORRCA, who will help us out and take samples of the whale carcass to determine the cause of death."

"At the moment there's no obvious cause of death.

"The tide is coming in so we will have to work around that, but at this moment we are trying to figure out the best thing to do.

"We will bury it as soon as we can and it wont be buried on the beach as there is issues around that."

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