Back to business for Central Queensland rugby union league

THE 10 financially sound rugby union clubs which made up the now dissolved and dissolvent Central Queensland Rugby Union (CQRU) might not like it but they are now affiliated directly with the Queensland Rugby Union (QRU).

That is because a CQ advisory group was formed last month, consisting of the QRU General Manager Rob Donaghue as Chairman with Cap Coast's Glen Dodds as senior co-ordinator, John Crawford as junior co-ordinator and Vicki Dodds competition manager.

Jeff Alexander from Brothers and Peter Kurtz from Biloela have been appointed general members.

The advisory group's role is to administer the local and representative rugby union competitions in Central Queensland next year.

And, by all accounts, the only major change to fixtures is the loss of Rugby Park for local and representative rugby matches.

"The structure we will play under next season is an extended home and away season," Glenn Dodds explained.

"There is a renewed onus on the club's to contribute to the success of the season. At this stage it's back to business. The only hurdle is the loss of Rugby Park and to overcome that club's will now host a lot more games at their home ground."

Dodds believes there is a silver lining in this, as clubs can benefit from greater patronage and, in turn, increased revenue at their home games.

"This can really benefit the clubs for their members, supporters and their sponsors," Dodds said.

With Rugby Park used as the premier rugby ground this season, clubs got between three and four home games a season.

Under the new plan next year, that could more than double.

"We envisage the immediate effect of this will be more money back into the clubs from greater patronage at their home games and this in turn can be ploughed back into their club and their player development."

No doubt, with rugby politics what is, many will not be happy. But for the naysayers, Dodds' message is clear.

"Rugby will continue to be played across junior and senior competitions and at representative level and that is the main thing," Dodds said.

"Regardless of what has happened, the CQ rugby community needs to see the positives.

"What has occurred is not positive.

"But we are fortunate we have 10 strong rugby clubs and we are able to continue rugby union in our region."

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