Backup services fall far short of requirements

THERE is quite a media beat-up over GKI and I can understand the locals fighting for their livelihood.

Tower Holdings was one of the first to put everything on hold when the world economy hit bottom last year.

The development knocked on the head once, Tower Holdings’ latest proposal was now going to be bigger and better with rosettes being blown to everyone, especially State and Federal government departments.

Something just ain’t right. Resorts and housing estates require infrastructure. Things like power, water, effluent and garbage disposal. This has all been looked at before on GKI.

Power and water supply of sufficient capacity would have to be by submarine cable and pipeline. Effluent discharge would be critical to the already fragile ground water supply.

Garbage shipped back to the mainland in vast quantities would have to be held at a vast holding area and tides don’t comply with daylight working hours.

Of interest is the proposed Marina on the north half of Putney Beach which faces directly on to Half Tide Passage Rocks. This would result in being landlocked when the tides are right.

Of greatest interest is the construction program if there is one. All building materials will need to be transported by barge. Rosslyn Bay to GKI is 10 miles across partially smooth waters. Gladstone to GKI is 40 miles of open water around Curtis Island pending tides through The Narrows.

Unfortunately, Rosslyn Bay now has no storage and ramping facilities available to handle the volume required. The old ramp has been downgraded to 5 ton (max) and now doubles full-time as one of two boat ramps.

Gladstone has proved unviable to cost and scheduling in the past, but can be used. Not too many contractors and tradespeople are willing to drive their trucks and equipment trailers to Gladstone, and then put them on an open-deck barge to be covered in saltwater.

The workforce will have to be accommodated and transported at both ends. Can one imagine the cost of all this being passed on to the home buyer?

Nay, something just ain’t right.

Robert Scott,


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