Lincon Dale Seaby, 19.
Lincon Dale Seaby, 19.

Bad blood: What led to ‘murderous over-reaction’ stabbing

A “MURDEROUS over-reaction” was how a judge described a car chase turned ramming, turned almost fatal stabbing in broad daylight in Rockhampton.

Lincon Dale Seaby, 21, was sentenced today for malicious intent in relation to the incident where he stabbed Jake Steere in the chest and slashed his head, severely injuring Mr Steere to the point he had to be revived in Rockhampton Hospital’s emergency department.

Mr Steere underwent lifesaving surgery after he was stabbed.

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Judge Leanne Clare described Seaby’s reactions to Mr Steere’s behaviour as a “murderous over-reaction”.

Stabbing victim Jake Steere in Rockhampton Hospital on June 20.
Stabbing victim Jake Steere in Rockhampton Hospital on June 20.

Crown prosecutor Samantha O’Rourke said the pair were known to each other with Seaby dating Mr Steere’s former partner.

Judge Clare said there was “bad blood” between the pair and Mr Steere suspected Seaby was responsible for “things that happened at his property”.

Seaby had pulled up at a set of lights on June 18, 2019, when Mr Steere pulled up next to him on his way to work.

One of Seaby’s brothers got out of Seaby’s car and smashed Mr Steere’s rear window.

Mr Steere then chased Seaby’s car through Rockhampton, ramming into Seaby’s ute twice and causing $8,000 damage, with Seaby driving off from the ramming.

Ms O’Rourke said Mr Steere’s car had a bull bar on it.

Mr Steere called his father for help.

Seaby called family for help and they boxed Mr Steere’s car in at the intersection of Jessie and Spencer streets at The Range.

Seaby exited his vehicle, armed himself with a knife and approached Mr Steere’s car.

Judge Clare said Mr Steere slid across the seat to the passenger seat to get away from Seaby.

Seaby opened the door and leaned in, Mr Steere kicked his client in the face and Seaby stabbed him in the chest.

“Stabbing someone in the chest … might think to be deadly force,” Judge Clare said.

“You almost killed Mr Steere.

“It was a merely murderous over-reaction by a powerfully built man.”

District Court Judge Judge Leanne Clare
District Court Judge Judge Leanne Clare

Mr Moon said it was not premeditated, not planned, as Seaby hadn’t gone out that day to find Mr Steere to stab him.

Mr Steere exited his vehicle and Seaby slashed him in the side of the head.

Judge Clare said Mr Steere managed to break away by using Seaby’s sister as a shield.

Ms O’Rourke said Mr Steere’s father arrived with police, to find his son convulsing.

Mr Steere suffered from a haemothorax - blood gathered in the chest between the lungs.

“Without intervention, he likely would have died,” Ms O’Rourke said.

Judge Clare said Mr Steere had to be resuscitated in the emergency department.

Police tracked Seaby down two days later, in possession of makeshift weapons including razor blades.


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Seaby had been sentenced in the district court in March 2019 for inflicting violence on four victims - a former girlfriend, a 14-year-old child, his stepfather for intervening, and a new partner.

Judge Michael Burnett urged him to get help for his anger management.

Ms O’Rourke said Seaby had left a negative impression on his probation officer and continued with anti-social behaviours.

Mr Moon said Seaby had been diagnosed with autism and anti-social personality disorder, amplified by substance abuse.

Judge Clare sentenced Seaby to 7.5 years prison, declared 444 days presentence custody. No parole was set which means Seaby has to serve at least half of his sentence before applying for parole.

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