Levi Clarke-Davis.
Levi Clarke-Davis.

Bad boys finally sent to the bin

NOTORIOUS Warwick bad boys Levi Jason Clarke-Davis and Justin Jon Hutley have used up their last get out of jail free cards and have each been sentenced to jail time for their dreadful criminal behaviour.

Clarke-Davis, 17, was the first to feel Magistrate Anne Thacker’s wrath when he appeared in court yesterday to face charges related to an unprovoked attack that left a fellow teen with severe facial injuries.

Clarke-Davis proceeded to make his way through his supporters in the public gallery with a one-armed hug and a kiss on the cheek when it became clear jail time was imminent.

Both Clarke-Davis and his bevy of supporters appeared to be fighting back tears during sentencing but they rallied behind their troubled friend, cheering from the gallery with statements such as “love you bro” and “stay strong bro”.

The details of the vicious assault that landed him in court were played out and it was heard Clarke-Davis and a group targeted a fellow teen at a party Clarke-Davis was hosting.

It was heard the group unleashed a number of demeaning attacks on the victim, including placing lit cigarettes on his head and dunking an alcoholic drink on his head.

From that point it was heard the violence escalated and the teen was punched several times in the head, his shirt pulled over his head and the unruly mob continued to unload blows to the back of his head.

When the teen managed to break free of the constraints of his shirt, Clarke-Davis and three others were heard to have continued punching the teen in the head, before the battered boy broke free and fled.

The police prosecutor told the court Clarke-Davis proceeded to chase the teen as he ran out into the street to escape his attackers.

The victim suffered severe injuries as a result of the barbaric attack, including severe swelling, stitches in his cheek, mouth damage to the point where it hurt to chew and constant headaches.

Clarke-Davis was sentenced to three months jail time.

Hutley, 22, will spend the next five months behind bars after yesterday pleading guilty to a public nuisance charge after taking part in an activity the magistrate likened to “inciting a riot”.

Hutley and a group of others – including Clarke-Davis – were heard to be involved in a group violence incident on July 25.

The court heard police and local detectives were deployed to Leslie Park to deal with a group of unruly and intoxicated youths.

The police prosecutor said Hutley and others circled police after the group became aggressive when other members were capsicum sprayed and arrested.

After several directions to disperse, the group began to slowly move while chanting “F––– the police”. Magistrate Thacker said Hutley’s behaviour was in effect an attempt at inciting a riot.

The court heard the offence was committed while on a 16 month suspended sentence for a number of serious offences, including break and enter, stealing offences and drug offences.

Hutley was sentenced to 15 months jail, with a parole release date set for January 30, 2012.

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