Gladstone woman on ice charges blames drugs for ‘bad memory’

JADE Eschler-Haines was on conditional freedom after being charged with a series of drug offences, including trafficking ice.

But despite a police warning she continued failing to report to Tannum Sands police. The last time she 'forgot' was on her birthday despite police having reminded her just two days before.

Arrested, Eschler-Haines, 20, was an emotional mess on Tuesday afternoon when Gladstone magistrate Mark Morrow refused her bail until yesterday when she had to produce medical evidence to support her claimed condition that she suffers memory loss.

Taken into custody she tearfully left the courtroom - in disbelief at her loss of liberty after appearing charged with breaches of bail.

Jade Eschler-Haines is on conditional freedom.
Jade Eschler-Haines is on conditional freedom.

Lawyer Jun Pepito had told the court that she forgot to report on her birthday due to memory lapse. However, it was pointed out by Mr Morrow she missed at least three which would be "a number of memory lapses".

Mr Morrow said the previous time Eschler-Haines breached bail she had received a jail sentence.

He told Mr Pepito it was rare that he would go backwards in sentencing.


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Back in court yesterday to continue her at times tearful bail application, Mr Pepito said they tried to get medical documentation from her doctor about her memory lapses but this had not yet happened.

"I'm told you are suffering some sort of memory lapse and I find that difficult as I need medical information," Mr Morrow said.

He noted that she was already subject to a jail sentence (suspended) and it was likely she would have to go into custody and apply to the Parole Board which could take two to three months.

Eschler-Haines told him her memory was poor as a result of drug use.

"I've turned my life around. I've got myself clean, nearly three months," she said.

Mr Morrow granted bail for her to reappear before him on Friday. If she forgot to attend court she would go to jail.

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