Baitfish influx lifts population

MANGROVE jack and fingermark are feeding actively in many of the area's waterways at present.

Flathead, bream and salmon have kept the creek crew in tucker, while whiting and dart could be a go on the coast, up the beach and down around Long Beach.

There are quite a few kings about, gorging themselves on the huge schools of small whitebait in the river and most of the other systems.

The reports of estuary grunter catches have increased pretty well as quantities of small baitfish and prawns have grown in all the local systems.

The Fitzroy and the delta area have a few grunter around Connors Creek, Port Alma and Pirates Point.

Down the coast, Coorooman Creek, The Causeway Lake and Waterpark Creek have the odd grunter at this time of year.

The popular baits of late have been prawns, fresh fillet strips and greenback herrings.

Most of the reports from this time last year showed that fishing late in the afternoon and overnight worked the best for grunter and salmon.

There are a few spanish, doggies, spotties and greys about at the moment and they could all be worth a crack when the weather slows again, with Quartz Rock, the Emu Park islands, Rita Mada, Ironpot, Findlay's, Farnborough and Forty Acre being likely spots.

Spotties are usually found higher in the water column than the other mackerels and, when using shiny metals like Flashas, cast out away from the boat, let it sink for a few seconds and then haul in at pace.

They all respond well to berley and a slow, steady flow can bring them right up to the back of the boat.

Quality red emperor, large and small-mouth nannygai, parrot, cod, sweeties and redthroats are in quite close and there is no need for a real long-range effort.

Big grassies and yellows have been caught at some of the closer rubble patches from the back of the islands out into Jim Crow country.

October is not the best weather month normally but, in between blows, we do get some flat days, so you just have to be ready to go as soon as the weather drops.

Last week I made a bad blue when I mentioned cod can be taken over the fin fish closures - as of March that changed.

Luckily, the weather wasn't much good for offshore fishing so no damage done. It would pay for us all to re-read the rules prior to next month's closures.

Thanks again to Bluefin Sports, Rosslyn Bay Kiosk, Barra Bait and Tackle, The Causeway Lake Kiosk, Stanage Bay Marine, The Secret Spot and Kalka Bait and Tackle, the local weigh points where you can get your photo taken or just drop yours in.

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