Ball buster lays down the law

A MAN crudely asked police to cavity search him and kneed an officer in the groin after a bag of cannabis was found in his shoe.

Troy Keith Zornig, 28, pleaded guilty in Rockhampton Magistrates Court on Tuesday to one count each of possessing of a dangerous drug, obstructing police, public nuisance, assaulting a police officer and driving unlicensed, unregistered and uninsured.

The court heard on September 12 this year, Zornig was sitting in car with his children in a carpark on the corner of Dean St and Kerrigan St, Frenchville.

Police approached Zornig about another matter and conducted a search, finding 14.45 grams of cannabis in his right shoe.

Licence checks also revealed Zornig's license was suspended and his car was unregistered and uninsured.

While police were taking Zornig to their vehicle he began to resist and tried to escape custody.

During the struggle he kneed a police officer in the testicles, although it was accepted by the prosecution it was not intentional.

Zornig was also yelling profanities at police while in the busy car park and told them, "I've got something right up my a**hole too, why don't you have a good look up there?”.

The police officer who was injured was required to take time off work as he was in pain and had to attend doctor appointments.

Zornig was eventually subdued and taken to the watchhouse where he refused to take part in an interview.

This offence broke a term of probation Zornig was sentenced to in June this year for two counts of possessing dangerous drugs.

Zornig's defence lawyer told the court the day of the incident, his client had had an argument with his mother whom he lives with and she locked him out of the house.

He then noticed the dog was off the chain and had to chase him to bring him back, making him agitated.

Zornig later decided to take his children to a local bakery where he was apprehended.

Defence solicitor Doug Winning said Zornig lashed out when police tried to take him to the watchhouse because he was worried about his children being left in the car, but later acknowledged the police would have looked after them.

Magistrate Cameron Press had a stern warning for Zornig about drug use around his children.

"It is not acceptable to be hanging around and having drugs when you're supposed to be having care for your children because you are not setting a good example,” Mr Press said.

"All you are doing is setting up your children to follow your path.”

Mr Press sentenced Zornig to varying terms of imprisonment for the offences.

He received four months for drug possession, one month for obstructing police, one month for public nuisance, six months for assaulting police and fines totalling $750 and a month licence suspension for his driving offences.

Zornig was also re-sentenced for his two previous drug possession charges and received three months imprisonment for each count.

All sentences are concurrent and he was released immediately on parole.

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