Ball tradition remains exciting

AT THE beginning of the term, St Joseph's hosted its 56th annual school ball.

Over the years, the ball has changed with the times, but the tradition of gathering as a school community has remained strong.

The children prepared for the dance through weekly dance lessons with Mrs Leonie Wells during Term 3.

As the ball approached, nerves were high, but there was excitement at the thought of a night of dancing with friends and family.

As part of the festivities, the Year 6 students were presented with certificates and performed a dance in front of their parents.

Families who were leaving the school family were also bid farewell.

The school is fortunate to have a strong advocate for the ball in Mrs Tina Knight (assistant principal religious education) and her band of parents who volunteer their time to create a magical night.

Kilburnie for the win

The annual swimming carnival was held last week.

The cheering was loud and the sportsmanship obvious.

The students supported all their friends, whether they were in the sports house or not.

The St Joseph's leaders stepped up to make sure that all in their team were supported, whether they were coming first or last.

The event ended with the traditional teacher-student-parent relay.

The parents can hold their heads high for another year.

Although the competition was fierce, Kilburnie prevailed to take the trophy.

It was a fantastic day and once again, only possible because of the efforts of the teachers, students and parent volunteers.

Leading the organisation of the day was Mrs Tania Bode (PE), whose efforts allowed for a smooth day.

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