OPINION: Ban smoking, but don’t start picking on bacon

THERE was outrage early in the week when study research results were released damning processed foods and meat as silent killers, with bacon heading the list.

Apparently a rasher of bacon has the same effect as smoking a cigarette.

Of course, I have long been of the belief that studies and their results directly collate with who is doing the study and what results they want to achieve.

Leave our bacon alone!
Leave our bacon alone! Chris Ison Rokcmeat

Granted, the preservative issue is massive. I know from experience with my beautiful English Bull Terrier many years ago. She used to break out in rashes and other skin problems that we couldn't seem to fix until someone told us it was the preservatives in her food, so we switched to fresh chicken and vegetables and never had another problem.

So they certainly have a point about that but to pick on pork and its four-legged mates is a bit tough, although I am sure the pig and cow families would be pretty happy about it.

Eating bacon or having a smoke seem so far apart.

Sure, the pig probably agrees but for mine apart from killing one of God's creatures, no one else is impacted unless we are counting medical services etc.

If it is gluttony, that could be said about a whole range of things we stick in our mouths.

The problem I have with comparing eating bacon with smoking reminds me of a sign that used to be in the lunchroom at the Landsborough Pole Dump where I used to attend work for SEQEB in the '80s.

Notice that I said "attend work" rather than "work" as most of them did but I wasn't one of them.

Anyway the sign said "the residue of cigarettes is smoke and beer is urine. I don't stand on the smoko table and urinate over you, so don't expect me to sit here while you are smoking, No Smoking in the Lunchroom."

That rule used to be obeyed most of the time but there was no law against it in those days, so it used to occasionally happen.

I actually find it amazing that we used to put up with smoking.

It wasn't that long ago they were still doing it on planes and we used to tolerate it.

These days it is far better but still occasionally impacts others, with litter and smoke breaks. Imagine what that is costing the country.

That makes bacon pale into insignificance.

So unless someone starts throwing bacon at innocent parties, people eating bacon have no effect on the rest of us.

Every last third of the year I don't eat any meat, chicken or fish as my little tribute to what humans do to the rest, so it doesn't really worry me at the moment.

But I would have a major problem if that world study included lettuce in their list of bad things.

I suppose lettuce could be dangerous, depending on what it was wrapped around.

But that will probably be the next worldwide study.

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