Rockhampton woman Chantal Barnett.
Rockhampton woman Chantal Barnett. Austin King

SHOCK CLAIM: Barnett, Martinez 'chopped up' after death

ACCUSED killer Daniel Hong allegedly stabbed Chantal Barnett multiple times after she entered a villa at a Rockhampton caravan park in 2013 because she'd "ripped him off an ounce of gear".

This is what a former boyfriend of Ms Barnett's told police in a statement, and repeated in the Rockhampton Magistrates Court on Thursday during the murder committal hearing for Daniel George Hong and his co-accused Ian Robert Armstrong.

The former boyfriend, Clinton David Williams, said Armstrong told him Ms Barnett went into the villa first, where she was stabbed multiple times by Hong and then Robert Martinez, hearing the scuffle, entered and "copped it".


Rockhampton man Robert Martinez.
Rockhampton man Robert Martinez. Contributed

"He (Armstrong) said they took them (Barnett and Martinez) down the back of Lakes Creek and threw them down pipes," Mr Williams said.

"They got chopped up."

Mr Williams was the third witness of the day in the committal hearing proceedings.

The court heard Mr Williams, in October 2014, had given a statement to police in relation to the disappearance of Ms Barnett and Mr Martinez, who were last seen early March 2013.

Today, Williams answered questions about his statement when Armstrong told him in prison that he had "set up" Ms Barnett and Mr Martinez for Hong and an associate named Jamie.

Mr Williams said Armstrong had told him Ms Barnett owed Hong for "an ounce of ice" and had arranged for Ms Barnett to meet Armstrong at a villa in a Rockhampton caravan park where Hong was waiting.

He said he knew which one Armstrong was talking about because he had stayed there himself.

Mr Williams said Armstrong told him Mr Martinez was not a target but had arrived with Ms Barnett as Mr Martinez was sexually involved with her at the time.

The court heard Mr Williams was Ms Barnett's boyfriend for a few months towards the end of 2012.

It was about that time Mr Williams met Armstrong for the first time.

MISSING: Rockhampton woman Chantal Barnett
Photo Contributed
MISSING: Rockhampton woman Chantal Barnett Photo Contributed Contributed

"He (Armstrong) would come to get some money off me to score some gear and bring it back to me," Mr Williams told the court.

He said he only met Armstrong two or three times prior to running into him in prison.

Mr Williams said he only spoke with Armstrong that one time in prison - one of the few nights he spent in the residential block after being moved from protection and before being moved to another part of the prison.

When pushed by Armstrong's defence barrister about why there was only one conversation, he replied "it's jail mate. It's jail. You don't get to wander around and have a conversation with anyone you want to".

Warrants were issued for two other witnesses who had been summoned by prosecutors but did not appear in court.

The hearing, before Magistrate Jeff Clarke, resumes on August 11 where a date will be set for the remaining witnesses to give evidence.

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