Band keen to take on phase two of beard propaganda campaign

PRO-BEARD rock band The Beards have achieved what they set out to do, and will celebrate beards through live music one last time on a farewell tour.

Rockhampton is one of the 38 towns included in the tour.

Bass player Nathaniel Beard says the four-piece outfit is keen to take on phase two of their beard propaganda campaign.

"We feel like we've shaped the perception of beards and improved the standards of beards... we consider it to be mission accomplished for phase one.

"I have to be a little coy about phase two of our operation because I'm not sure how legal it is.

"Let's just say it's going to be heavily beard-related and we will be out in the community propagating beards, just not through music."

Ways they may be propagating beards in phase two could include creating a cult or moving into children's entertainment.

All jokes aside, the Adelaide band have made notable achievements in their 10 years of making music.

They have toured with some of the nation's most popular music festivals including Big Day Out and Bluesfest.

This year they also returned from their fifth international tour in three years.

"Having a beard just gives you an inhumane amount of creativity," Nathaniel said.

"We were able to draw on the extra talents bestowed on us with our beards to create our music... none of us can take credit for the song titles or lyrics, that comes from a mystical part of our beards that we can't begin to understand," he told Pulse this week.

Nathaniel said people could expect antics at their next show.

"I feel there's a natural abundance of bearded individuals in the north coast of Queensland... you heard people down south say a beard gets a bit hot in the summer time but you don't see the people up north shaving off their beards.

"Having a beard involves making sacrifices and there are plenty of benefits to it too like its insulating properties, and it also helps with preventing skin cancer."

The Beards will perform at the Lionleigh Hotel on May 12. Tickets are available at


The Beards

Lionleigh Hotel, Rockhampton

May 12

Tickets are $30

Head to

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