ICE DEAL: Kathleen Padkjaer left court with a supporter with no conviction recorded for drug offences.
ICE DEAL: Kathleen Padkjaer left court with a supporter with no conviction recorded for drug offences.

Beautician blames brother for getting caught up in drug deal

A BEAUTICIAN blames her brother for getting caught up in a drug deal after she delivered ice to one of his alleged clients.

Ipswich District Court heard that police detected her offence in an investigation of another person and seized her mobile phone.

The offences occurred more than two years ago at Bundamba.

In the Crown prosecution case Kathleen May Padkjaer, 35, pleaded guilty to supplying the dangerous drug methylamphetamine on October 17, 2017; and possession of the dangerous drug methylamphetamine on November 9, 2017.

Crown prosecutor Amanda Robinson said the supply offence relates to "a half-ball of methylamphetamine, or 1.75 grams".

Padkjaer represented herself, saying her brother has received legal aid funding but she had not and her private lawyers had withdrawn.

"She acted as a conduit for her brother and a customer of his," Ms Robinson said.

"Her brother was allegedly trafficking methylamphetamine and she supplied a person with a half-ball of methylamphetamine.

"When intercepted by police they found a small quantity of methylamphetamine."

"Is it a case where the drugs were placed somewhere and she was to retrieve them," inquired Judge Alexander Horneman-Wren SC, trying to ascertain the facts of the case.

"That's my understanding," said Ms Robinson.

"Dangerous drugs in our community is a scourge in our community and the sentence to deter (people) is called for."

Ms Robinson said she would not address the similar precedent cases "given how routinely they are before the court".

"No actual imprisonment is called for by the Crown given her criminality is as a conduit, apart from the possession offence," she said.

She sought for the forfeiture of Padkjaer's mobile phone used in the offence.

"Yes I did commit the offence. I did supply a customer," Padkjaer told Judge Horneman-Wren.

"I didn't gain a benefit or money," Padkjaer said.

"And I had a breakdown some months before.

"What I did was wrong. I wasn't thinking at the time.

"I was fearful due to the people he was hanging around with.

"I just agreeing to what was asked.

"The implications became clear. It's an insidious drug."

Judge Horneman-Wren said that when the facts were looked at a it was low-level offence and "almost subterranean" in terms of criminality.

Ms Robinson said a financial penalty was open to the court.

Judge Horneman-Wren told Padkjaer that ice was a drug that has a detrimental impact on our community.

"You were involved in one supply - a half-ball of methylamphetamine," he said.

"The supply in the broader sense was by your brother to a customer of his.

"It seems your brother was under investigation."

"Your involvement was a message by him about a sale.

"It appears from the text message you were not taken by surprise by your brother's involvement.

"Your involvement was to go to a place designated by your brother where the drugs were to be found and you were to pass it on.

"It is really a supply at the very lowest end of criminality. You were suborned into this conduct by your brother and in circumstances where you were not in good mental health."

Crown evidence included a text message from her brother that states: "billza was the person who wanted to come"".

Padkjaer responds: "I'm ok with him.I kinda like someone being there when I'm coming home so late".

Her brother expressed concern that she would not be able to reach up high enough to find the methylamphetamine at the nominated location.

"I'll be home soon.I can do the reach test and let u know if I want".

Padkjaer later confimed in a text : "Reached it.Just".

The Crown case found that a transaction did take place with a message sent by the same person to her brother that states: "How much you ugt there because I need more. I handed cat 800 before but I only grabbed a HB".

 Judge Horneman-Wren convicted and fined Padkjaer $900 - the fine sent to SPER (State Penalties Enforcement Registry) to work out a payment plan.

In separate matters Kathleen Padkjaer went before Ipswich Magistrates Court a day later for a mention of a dozen drug related charges.

Her matters include unlawful possession of controlled or restricted drugs; possession of dangerous drugs; possession of drug utensils; and possession property suspected of being used in the commission of a drug offence.

All charges were adjourned.

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