NEW ELECTS: Benevolent Aged Care board of directors elected at the AGM 2016 (back from left)  Tom Moore,   Geoff Clark (front from left)   Lyn Williams,  Kevin Hogan (chair) , Dale Volling (treasurer),   Jeff Brett,   John McKenna (secretary) and   Alison Moss CEO.
NEW ELECTS: Benevolent Aged Care board of directors elected at the AGM 2016 (back from left) Tom Moore, Geoff Clark (front from left) Lyn Williams, Kevin Hogan (chair) , Dale Volling (treasurer), Jeff Brett, John McKenna (secretary) and Alison Moss CEO. Contributed

Benevolent look back on 2016

THIS year we celebrated our Benevolent's sesquicentennial anniversary and it is not until you stop to pause and consider the numbers do you truly start to get some appreciation of the history of servitude and the outcomes this small independent, not-for-profit, locally governed and community-owned organisation has delivered to the local community.

It gives me great pride to deliver the 150th chairs' report for Rockhampton Benevolent Homes Society Incorporated.

The aged care sector is one of Australia's largest and fastest growing service industries with services being delivered to more than one million people.

It represents 3.6 per cent of Australian government spending and 1 per cent of gross domestic product in Australia.

The sector is also a major employer with more than 350,000 people working in the industry nationally.

It is no secret or surprise that aged care is a highly regulated industry in which to work in and our aging demographic poses significant social and economic challenges for all levels of government.

Accreditation standards, regulatory compliance requirements and customer expectations continue to push the benchmarks higher and higher. As the government continues to change the goal posts, we have to respond in a flexible and swift way.

We as a board need to continually improve and change in an enthusiastic and diligent manner.

In reports this year, you will see that the Benevolent Society is operating in a healthy financial state and continues to provide a solid platform for operations, services and future expansion.

The success of BAC has proven its passion for the aged care industry in Central Queensland and the board is extremely proud of the recognition and validation the home receives on a regular basis.

This year the board engaged Paynter and Dixon, a design and construction company, to work through a methodology with the board to come up with some sound recommendations for a holistic approach to master planning based on a comprehensive review of our existing facility, operations and business environment.

The board is still reviewing the best outcomes for expansion of our current facility and I wish to acknowledge the work that is being done by the members of the PCG sub committee who report to the board on a regular basis.

The board is currently reviewing our corporate governance principles and are in the process of formulating new board policies and new director information packages. Along with a new modern logo and focus on the future needs of our valued residents.



SADLY this year we lost Sr Josephine who had a very long association with Benevolent. We will miss her hand of friendship and faith sharing to many residents over 30 years. Along with our CEO and other board Members, I was privileged to attend St Josephine's funeral mass at the Range Chapel this year. May she RIP.

The results this year could not have been achieved without the dedication of our CEO and her senior leadership team. I would like to acknowledge the commitment of each and every member of this team led by Alison Moss our CEO. Alison brings such professionalism to our organisation on every level of management and for this our board is very grateful.

This year we saw the retirement of Audrene Clark, the director of nursing after a period of service over 15 years.

I am very grateful for the wisdom that each member brings to this board and I thank them most sincerely for their support to me as chair. Our management committee consists of John McKenna who is the secretary and Dale Volling our treasurer both of which I thank for their valuable contributions.

I would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge contributions made by all the other directors - Dr Geoff Clark, Lyn Williams, Jeff Brett, Tom Moore and Rod Green.

We have also appointed David Frost as an associate member of the board.

I pass on the sincere gratitude to all the staff of BAC from our board for their commitment to our residents on a daily basis.

They show respect, dignity and compassion to all in their care. The board is truly grateful for all the work that is done by the volunteers at BAC. Their support and assistance to our residents is very much appreciated. So many activities would not be possible without their involvement and support.

On behalf of the board, I wish you all continued good health and happiness and may we all look forward to embracing the future expansion plans we have in the pipeline for a new modern and expanded BAC facility to further secure our rightful place as one of the leading aged care providers in Central Queensland.

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