Better food means better moods

PAEDIATRIC treatment is an important component of established naturopathic practice, which has greater challenges now than was the case 35 years ago.

In those earlier times, most cases involved acute infections, which mostly ran their course without complications.

Community 35 years ago I recall consumed more wholesome food, along with foods that appear to have been far less processed than what is the case today. This does not mean to say that children 35 years ago never had temper tantrums. Temper tantrum cases were encountered back then, but they were rare. Nowadays however, behavioural conditions comprise the majority of current paediatric cases encountered.

Malnourishment I find has also become far too common in paediatric cases. Nowadays, there is far too much emphasis being placed on protein, fats and carbs.

Yet the real movers and shakers of human nutrition, minerals, vitamins and enzymes are being neglected.

Behavioural conditions I consider are associated with devitalised food consumption. An adequate presence of vitamins, enzymes and minerals in wholesome food is essential.

Foods that are over-processed, devitalised, denatured, stabilised, preserved, chemically ripened, not to mention intensive farming practices may be inadvertently triggering behavioural conditions.

If that is not dreadful enough, you are often consuming foods that have been fortified. Fortified foods have added flavours and supplements.

The natural flavour of wholesome foods is a direct result of good farming practices. Natural wholesome flavour occurs because the food is brimming with nutrients.

To put it in perspective, fortified foods and chemical induced foods are viewed by naturopathy as inferior products that may possibly give rise to malnourishment or behavioural conditions.

Well you may ask, what can be done to protect my child from unnecessary disorders?

Foremost, give your child a moderate treat once weekly; being the parent it is best you decide the treat.

Secondly, get your child involved in food preparation, teach your child simple cooking skills, as they improve perhaps mum gets a treat, dinner.

This may aid with your child developing a healthy independence.

Thirdly, understand what the word wholesome actually means.

Wholesome clearly means food that has been naturally produced and is beneficial to health.

To remedy behavioural conditions naturopathy identifies malnourishment cause that is irritating body systems.

In treatment of most paediatric conditions, naturopathy often undertakes pharmacological repletion to correct a primarily mineral deficiency, which is generally corrected promptly.

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