BICYCLE Queensland has called for urgent action on vehicles breaching the state's close pass legislation for cyclists as shocking video emerged of an incident on the Gold Coast this week.

Martin Coleman was riding in a bike lane at Burleigh Waters around 10.30am on Tuesday.

"Out of nowhere, this car just comes on the side," he said.

Mr Coleman said he was forced to take evasive action to avoid a collision.

"The driver as you can see continued in the bike lane before merging back into the vehicle lane."

"Stupidity's one thing. - everybody's guilty of that once in a while. But deliberate acts are just something I can't tolerate. Absolutely, I feel it was deliberate."

Mr Coleman said he had never seen the car before.

"It was just totally random, there was no previous altercation, no-one beeped their horn at me," he said.

"I really don't understand how or why this person did this unless it was a deliberate action.

I've got a bright flashing light on the back of my bike. If you didn't see me, you shouldn't be on the road anyway."

Bicycle Queensland chief Anne Savage said the driver involved in the footage had "absolutely no excuse" for their actions.

"One of my members nearly got killed," she said.

"We need an immediate crackdown on close passing and zero tolerance for careless and reckless driving. Punishment passes like this one deserve tough penalties."

Ms Savage said BQ would continue to work with the community and authorities to make Queensland roads safer for all users.

"Anyone who experiences a near miss or accident can contact us for support, information, and advocacy. All of us need to behave with responsibility on our roads, whichever way we travel."

Mr Coleman said he had a dangerous incident happen to him from time to time, but not usually as close as this.

"I believe that drivers are not looking out for cyclists. Awareness will solve a lot of the issues, as will patience, but unfortunately there are the rotten eggs of our community that consider their precious few seconds that they spend behind us are more valuable to them than our health, wellbeing or our lives."

But Mr Coleman said he enjoyed cycling too much to stop.

" I've had too many good experiences to outweigh the bad experiences."

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