Bikie laws review not 'fair dinkum' says LNP

A REVIEW of Queensland's bikie laws came under attack on Thursday as the Opposition claimed it was not "fair dinkum".

Shadow attorney-general Ian Walker suggested Labor had directed its taskforce to repeal or amend the controversial laws.

He questioned whether the group was free to respond with "the laws are working and should be left untouched".

"You use the word 'review' as though it is a fair dinkum review," he said.

"Is it good? Is it bad? What should we do? It is far from that, and the words make it clear.

"The final section of the terms of reference talks about the recommendations that the taskforce is required to make.

"The first of those is to advise how best to repeal or replace by substantial amendment to the 2013 legislation.

"It is not 'advise whether'; it is 'advise how best to repeal'.

"So it is not an inquiry into whether we do something about the law. This is a taskforce to tell you how to do what you want to do."


Attorney-General Yvette D'Ath said Labor made it clear anti-association provisions and mandatory sentencing went too far, but the taskforce was not committed to repealing the legislation.

"The fact is that if we did not put 'repeal or amend', what we are saying is that they do not have the option as the taskforce to consider that," she said.

"If this legislation should be repealed and replaced with something better, that is what we will do. If it should be amended, then we will do that."

Outside the hearing, Mr Walker said the LNP laws should remain and should be part of a strong response to keep criminal gangs at bay.

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He said if Labor repealed the laws, the LNP would reinstate them upon returning to office.

"We believe ... the laws are working. They're making a difference. People are safer and they feel safer," he said.


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