Bones not linked: Police face two possible murders

ANIMALS have been blamed for the scattering of body parts throughout Toolara State Forest, as police confirmed a skull and smaller bones found in the forest were not linked to a brutally dismembered torso at Cedar Pocket.

Two possible murders now face the Gympie region after police received DNA results confirming the two gruesome finds - the skull and bones at Toolara State Forest, near Tin Can Bay and a torso found on Cedar Pocket Rd- were not from the same victim.

Just more than a month after the skull was found by forestry workers, DNA tests have confirmed police needed to consider the possibility of two murder victims after previously confirming an interest in whether the two sets of remains belonged together.

Detective Inspector Bruce McNab said while circumstances behind the torso were being considered as suspicious, it was yet to be confirmed how body parts ended up in Toolara Forest and whether it was the result of a murder or something else.

He said the skull and related bones appeared to be part of a body left entire and had faced the sad fate of being been pulled part and consumed by animals. He could not say whether the victim was male or female, how old they were or how long it is believed the person has been dead.

He said the cause of damage to the skull was yet to be confirmed and he could not comment on what type of bones were found near it, except to say they did match the skull and that the same type bones were found with the torso.

"We don't know the circumstances," Det Insp McNab said.

He did, however, say he now believed both deaths were not linked.

"My feeling is that the bodies are unrelated," he said.

He also said there were no plans at this stage to further the search for more body parts in the forestry and that new lines of enquiry were being taken up.

Those lines of enquiry included police methodically going through lists of missing persons, which Det Insp McNab said were already being considered as part Operation Lima Sea which was the investigation into the torso.

He could not say whether any specific victims were at the forefront of the indentification process, nor could he reveal whether they were considering and specific persons reported missing from the Cooloola Coast area.

He said state and nation-wide missing persons were being looked into.

He said the newest development made no impact on his confidence in uncovering the mystery behind both sets of remains.

"I'm still very confident of coming up with conclusions on both investigations," he said.

He said homicide detectives and more than 100 detectives from the Gympie, Bundaberg and Maryborough areas were available to assist with each investigation.

With two unidentified bodies now confirmed in the Gympie area, Det Insp McNab has urged everyone to think of any person they have not seen in some time.

Anyone with information should call Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000.

Gympie Times

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