Bounce is normal on old Fitzroy River Bridge - Main Roads

TRANSPORT and Main Roads has responded to a reader's concerns about the "bounce" in the Fitzroy Bridge.

The Morning Bulletin raised the matter on Facebook, which prompted a raft of responses.

A TMR spokesperson said it was normal for bridges to have some deflection or bend.

"Without some level of flexibility, a bridge could not manage the weight and forces applied by traffic. It would also not allow for expansion and contraction as a result of temperatures and surrounding environment."

The spokesperson said the Fitzroy River bridges were structurally safe for more than the 70,000 vehicles they carry daily.

"We undertake annual inspections of all bridges and major structures to ensure a safe and operational road network for all road users. These also assist with prioritising our bridge maintenance activities."

Here are some of the Facebook comments:

Lor Stevens: It bounces when you're driving too, you just don't notice it. It's when it stops bouncing you need to worry.

Dianne Cartwright: In 1952 I walked across the bridge when it opened with my grandma, mum and dad and three brothers and two sisters I was six years old.

Susan Cunningham: Bridges are designed that way. My dad walked it when it first opened and he always commented on how the marching groups had to break stride and cross it out of regular step as the in-step marching was the biggest threat. That could put more pressure on it than it was designed for.

Peter Oram: It has bounced since it was opened in 1952 and it has to move or it will fall down

Casey Dawn Marie McAvoy: I thought the bridge was going to get washed away in the 2010 floods even when you walk across it the bridge bounces and shakes

Darlene Bowen: I run the bridge all the time the railings rattle all the time

Judith Cesari-White: I don't like getting caught in the middle of the old bridge. I have this fear that it's going to collapse with me on it also the rocking of bridge is scary

Kerry Anne Crew: Worse still the "new" bridge is nearly 30 years old! Yes bridges are supposed to move a little to absorb impacts so as not to break.

Grace Jenkyns: If it didn't "bounce" it would snap.

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