Peter Graeme Craig.
Peter Graeme Craig. Contributed

Bouncers 'deal with' Yeppoon man after he headbutted one of their own

YEPPOON boilermaker Peter Graeme Craig has "copped one on the chin” in more ways than one.

Upon being evicted from a prominent Yeppoon hotel on the night of May 20, Craig made several attempts to re-enter the popular Coastal premise.

Three times he was denied by bouncers and three times he came back. Verbal threats accompanying his multiple attempts.

On the third try, he resorted to force. With 10.30pm CCTV footage showing he approached the security guard and headbutted him flush in the face.

The guard fell to the ground and hit his head.

Craig ran off and was tackled by other security guards, who "dealt with him”.

This morning, Craig pleaded guilty in the Rockhampton Magistrates Court to one count of common assault and two other matters.

Prosecutors said the security guard felt immediate pain to his head and hip following the incident.

Defence lawyer RK Law's Rowan King told the court his 23-year-old client had been drinking since the early afternoon.

"He was celebrating a colleague's birthday and was trying to order drinks with a $50 note,” Mr King told the court.

"He says the plain clothed bouncer took him by surprise and evicted him. He thought he was in a fight.

"It was out of character and all because he lost his $50.

"The bouncers dealt with him and he sustained fractures to the face and had to go for surgery in Brisbane.

"He needed a cheek reconstruction after claiming to be kicked and punched. But he is taking it on the chin.”

Mr King said his client had a "bit to drink” which was cut off by acting magistrate Mark Morrow.

"He had a lot to drink,” Magistrate Morrow said.

Craig was fined $1500 and given a six-month ban from the hotel. A conviction was recorded.

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