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Brace yourself CQ, the worst of the heat is coming

PREPARE the sunscreen or get the air-con remote ready, Central Queensland is going to be in for a sizzling, sweltering, sticky time coming into next week.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) have released a heatwave assessment earlier in the week stating severe to extreme conditions for the region. BoM forecaster Jess Gardener said we will see the worst later next week.

"For Rockhampton we're moving into severe heatwave conditions from Sunday and that will go up to into extreme from Monday,” she said.

Ms Gardener said severe conditions are challenging for the vulnerable people, being the sick and elderly.

"Extreme is very rare and it is dangerous for the everyday normal healthy person, those who work outdoors and for infrastructure, power and transport,” she said.

The forecaster explained the heatwave conditions were a result of a warm stagnant air mass over Queensland, allowing the temperature to build.

Today Rockhampton will see temperatures rise to 34°C, then on Sunday we will see them rise again, going up to 37°C. From Monday to Thursday it will sit around the same level at the maximum temp of 39°C.

Later into next week it looks like there will be an onshore flow with cooler air that will bring the barometer level back down.

At the coast it's the same story, the forecaster said.

"There might be a bit of a relief from afternoon sea breezes,” Ms Gardener said.

"It's pretty hot conditions throughout, might see some relief from Thursday/Friday at the Coast.”

Winds on the sea at the coast will be sitting at around 20 knots on Saturday and 15 to 20 knots on Sunday.

"There will be a easterly swell, around a metre inshore and one to one a half off shore.”

Despite some concerns of power outages brought on by the heatwave, Ergon Energy Corporate Communications Southern Rod Rehbein said he didn't think power outages were likely.

"There is no expectation on our part there would be,” Mr Rehbein said.

This time last year, Rockhampton along with many parts of Australia were subject to a heatwave.

Mr Rehbein said there was the same high temps last year as there would be this week.

"The network was fine in heatwave conditions in mid February last year,” he said.

"The network is designed to withstand those conditions that are not unusual in this part of the world.”

He said if the worst was to happen with a power outage, action would be taken swiftly.

"We have crews on stand by all the time,” he said.

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