RESIDENTS of Hurst St have described hearing the sickening sounds of a single-vehicle motorcycle crash around 8.30 on Wednesday night.

One woman said she heard the sounds of the bike driving fast down the street from her kitchen before hearing the sickening crunch of the motorbike and its driver sliding a significant distance down the road. 

The scene of the Hurst St crash.
The scene of the Hurst St crash.

"Hooning is a huge issue on this road," the first woman said.

"At first I thought it was the case that someone was driving fast in a ute and something had dropped off the tray but I now know that was the sound of the bike and the rider being pulled down the road.

"It can only be described as sickening."

The Hurst St crash.
The Hurst St crash.

The NewsMail understands there may have been a second person on the bike, a younger male. 

Witnesses at the scene said they believed he may have been a local man on parole in breach of curfew. 

It is believed neighbours tried to convince the man to wait and receive medical help following the crash, but he left, leaving the damaged bike behind as police combed the streets for the man. 

Witnesses said the man was not wearing protective gear. 

In a recent list of reader-nominated streets that were the worst for hooning and dangerous driving, Hurst St was an inclusion. 

Multiple police units were in the Walkervale area following the crash. 

Ambulance and fire crews were also on scene and fireys spread powder over the road. 

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