Serial granny basher broke out of Rocky prison

UPDATE 6.45AM: PRISON ESCAPEES Aaron Woods and Ryan Miller have been re-captured and charged in Brisbane overnight. 

The two men, who escaped from the Capricorn Correctional Centre north of Rockhampton on Saturday morning were apprehended in North Brisbane on Sunday afternoon and taken into custody. 

The 36 and 37-year-old men have both been charged with one count each of escape lawful custody and are due to appear in the Pine Rivers Magistrates Court in Strathpine today.


Two prisoners who escaped the Capricorn Correction Centre north of Rockhampton have been caught in north Brisbane
Two prisoners who escaped the Capricorn Correction Centre north of Rockhampton have been caught in north Brisbane


INITIAL: A DANGEROUS criminal who escaped from a prison near Rockhampton has a horrible history of beating, cutting, and stealing from elderly ladies.

Serial granny-basher Aaron Woods had his first taste of picking on elderly ladies when he was aged 17 helping his co-offender escape after he threw an 80-year-old woman on the road.

But the grisly details of what landed Woods, 38, in the Capricorn Correctional Centre for 13 years have been laid bare.

A 72-year-old's face was sewn back together with 20 stitches when Woods cut her "from one cheek to the other across her mouth" after breaking into her home. 

He had just climbed through a bedroom window shortly before 8.20pm.

The lady and her husband, who slept in separate rooms, both heard the intruder and called out to each other.

The lady went to check on her husband, but as she reached for his door, Woods came out of the bathroom armed with a knife.

"Get out of my way, you old b**ch," he said.

Then he cut her face. But in her victim impact statement, the elderly lady said emotional scars left by the ordeal were much worse.


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The Morning Bulletin can reveal Aaron Woods and the other escapee, Ryan Miller, were caught in Brisbane without incident at 4pm.

But it is Woods' horrible history of setting on vulnerable people that raises serious question about why he was detained on the Capricorn Correctional Centre's farm, a low-security facility which is reportedly used for low-risk prisoners. 

A Queensland Police spokesman told The Morning Bulletin on Saturday they do not consider the escapees dangerous.

The sentencing judge at the trial said there is an "aggressive feature" interwoven throughout Woods' long criminal past, which stretches back to a stealing offence in the 1990s.

But by the age of 17, Woods got a glimpse of what it was like to beat an elderly lady.

His co-offender snatched an elderly lady's handbag as she sat at a bus stop, pulling her from the seat and throwing her across the footpath onto the road.

She fell, hitting her face and temple, and hurting her hip.

Woods waited in a car for his co-offender before he sped off.

A year later, Woods pleaded guilty to 22 property offences, one of which he broke into a 63-year-old lady's home, demanded money, then punched her in the face twice, knocking her to the ground.

When she tried to get up, he threatened her. When she reached for a phone, he knocked it out of her hand. 

On another occasion, he broke into a woman's home and was confronted by a neighbour as he left.

Woods then punched the neighbour, described as an "invalid pensioner", in the head, then head butted him, breaking his nose.

The neighbour said surgery on his nose had a "great impact on his life", according to court documents.

Years later, aged 27, Woods again pleaded guilty to loads of property offences, one of which he confronted a 53-year-old woman in her garage.

Woods grabbed her around the neck, which gave her the sensation of being choked.

He pressed a knife into her ribs.

When she screamed, he told her to shut up.

A neighbour appeared in the window of the next-door home. The woman screamed again and Woods ran away.

The Morning Bulletin is waiting for a response from Corrective Services.



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