Breastfeeding: Stop twisting a beautiful process into something vile

Young mother holding her newborn child.
Young mother holding her newborn child. FamVeld

THERE are many things in this world that I am constantly baffled by and there are certain things that happen that trigger very negative emotions.

The breastfeeding in public issue is something that particularly gets to me considering it shouldn't be an 'issue' in the first place.

It bothers me to no end that some people carry on about mothers breastfeeding in public.

There are far too many situations in society these days that involve babies suffering from neglect and young children's health coming second to drugs, alcohol or cigarettes.

Meanwhile we have these mothers abandoning all cares for society's scrutiny and putting their baby first. And I say good on them.

I personally believe it is incredibly tragic that people have a problem with a baby simply being fed by their mother, a completely natural and necessary process with no sexual intent or meaning whatsoever, while there are young women walking around scantily dressed in scraps of cloth that leave nothing to the imagination but that's supposedly acceptable. Sounds pretty messed up if you ask me.

Mothers should never be treated like outcasts for simply taking care of their child and bonding, because at the end of the day, that's really all it is.

The main problem with this society is that people sexualise everything and as this world becomes more heavily plagued by political views, people forget to go back to basics and remember this doesn't have to be a big drama unless people make it one.

No mother deserves to be openly gawked at or put in a position to feel they're doing wrong when they're trying to do what's best for their baby. Give them a break. Where's the support, respect and empowerment?

Stop twisting a beautiful process into something vile, it's not only immature but embarrassing.

Let's stop making something out of nothing, start accepting that times are changing and we can either move with them or be left behind. Mothers are facing enough pressure as it is these days, the last thing they need is unnecessary public scrutiny while doing what's best for their baby.

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