Bridal expo blooms

"EVERY bride is beautiful," said Louise Wilson as she selected flowers for a display in the packing room at Wilson Roses, ready for the Capricorn Coast Wedding Expo on Sunday.

Wilson Roses came to life four years ago when Louise and husband George set up business growing and selling roses and gerberas.

"We only sell what we grow because it's fresh," Louise said.

She said they spent a lot of time on integrated pest management to keep their product insecticide free and healthy.

Capricorn Coast Wedding Expo will offer brides, grooms and organisers a chance to browse everything wedding under the large marquee including displays by a local milliner, photographers and celebrants.

With their online store attracting customers from all over the country and Louise regularly updating the Facebook page and communicating with clients online, she said the small business was going 'great guns'.

"You can find us on Google and, because we are local growers, we get orders from overseas when customers want to deliver flowers to the area," she said.

Louise said business had boomed since opening the retail side in August 2010.

Weddings are a large part of the business and Louise offers couples a chance to see how the roses are grown in the specially built greenhouses.

"Once you show them the greenhouses they can sit in the packing room and look at samples and take some home to check colours.

"If it's not right they can come back and start again."

Brides can experiment with different colours and glitter. To demonstrate, Louise sprays a mist of purple on a white rose creating coloured tips.

Louise suggests choosing flowers at least three to six months before the wedding.

Wedding Expo

Where: Wilson's Roses, 1216 Farnborough Rd

When: Sunday 9am - 3pm

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