Bridge high-five shot: 'there was nothing reckless about it'

IT WAS meant to be a fun, harmless photo showcasing the pride and joy of two Rockhampton drivers.

Instead, through the power of social media, it was perceived as a dangerous and risky act.

An image of passengers leaning out the window and sunroof of the vehicles they were travelling in and high-fiving on the Neville Hewitt Bridge circulated on Facebook this week caught the attention of Rockhampton police.

But the people involved, who wished to remain anonymous, claimed no harm was done.

"We love cars and thought it would be a fun photo," those involved said.

"It was at about 2am and we thought it would be cool to pull up on the bridge stationary and take a cool photo.

"You can see by the brake lights that we are stopped. There wasn't anything reckless about it, we were just looking for a cool photo.

"We're not bad people, we just like cars. We would never do that while we were moving, it's not worth risking your life."

Senior Sergeant Ewan Findlater of the Rockhampton police traffic branch said the act was dangerous for all parties including any other car on the road.

"Drivers and passengers that behave like this leave themselves open to a number of charges, including dangerous operation of a motor vehicle which is a criminal offence," Snr Sgt Findlater said.

"We do see this kind of behaviour occasionally. It may seem harmless and like a bit of fun at the time but it has the potential to go wrong."

In a further, unrelated episode of reckless behaviour, there were reports of youths riding their bikes up and down the escalators of Stockland Rockhampton.

Stockland Rockhampton centre manager Nathanial Barbagallo said the centre management team was notified of the incident and immediately directed its on-site security personnel to investigate.

"Our on-site security team attended the scene of the anti-social behaviour, but the alleged perpetrators had left the site by the time they arrived. We are currently reviewing CCTV footage," Mr Barbagallo said.

"Stockland works to create and maintain a safe, secure and enjoyable experience for all customers. We have a zero tolerance approach to any anti-social behaviour and work closely with Rockhampton police.

"Stockland always does its best to provide a safe, enjoyable shopping centre environment and in-store experience to our customers. If the public witness such anti-social behaviour, we would encourage them to contact our centre management team, or call our security directly on 0412 572 490."

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