Trachelospermum jasminoides var tricolour
Trachelospermum jasminoides var tricolour

Bring value to your garden with groundcover plants

Groundcover plants can provide so much value to your garden.

With minimal effort an established garden can be given a colourful make over by just adding a groundcover.

It is not only the flowers of the groundcovers that can add to the garden but foliage colour can also make a difference.

Trachelospermum jasminoides var tricolour
Trachelospermum jasminoides var tricolour

Last week’s garden column featured numerous tough groundcovers for Central Queensland gardens.

Highlighted this week are groundcovers that will add a special colourful wow factor to the garden.

Acalypha reptans ‘Stephie’ is an evergreen spreading plant with unusual bushy red tail-like flowers and mild green leaves with saw-toothed edges for part-shade areas.

This is probably one of the most versatile groundcovers available to local gardeners.

Artemisia Silver King is an evergreen low shrub, grown for its fragrant, finely cut, silver foliage.

Acalypha reptans 'Stephie'
Acalypha reptans 'Stephie'

During late summer small insignificant yellow flowers will emerge.

It is ideal for garden beds, exposed planting and a great foliage contrast for perennial borders.

Cineraria Silverdust has very distinct silvery grey foliage and will highlight any garden.

It is a hardy, adaptable perennial for a dry or moist position and will tolerate sun or part shade.

Small bright yellow flower appear during the warmer months of the year.

Growing to 30cm high it is ideal for cottage gardens, borders, rockeries and tubs.

Convolulus cneorum or Silver Bush is a silver foliaged groundcover that provides something different for the garden with masses of large white flowers produced during the warmer months.

It is excellent as a specimen plant and is ideal for borders and pots on patios. It handles sun or part shade, is salt and drought tolerant and frost hardy.

Ruellia ciliosa
Ruellia ciliosa

Myoporum parvifolium or Creeping Boobialla is a very vigorous groundcover that will even tolerate hot dry banks.

Small attractive white or pale pink star-shape flowers will appear from late spring through to early autumn. What makes this groundcover a landscape feature are the tiny dark green leaves that form a dense carpet.

Oenothera speciose or Evening Primrose is a vigorous and showy sprawling perennial. A mass floral display of bowl-shaped pink or white happens during the warmer months.

Well known to western gardeners, as being able to survive and grow in the longest drought, and still produce flowers in a garden where everything else has been reduced to a dried arrangement.

Viola hederacea
Viola hederacea

Ruellia ciliosa or Splash of Blue is a very hardy groundcover with large blue flowers over a long period.

It accepts a variety of soil conditions and will thrive either under the shade of trees or in other moist part-shade positions.

Trachelospermum jasminoides var tricolour or Chinese Star Jasmine, is a lovely, rather slow growing evergreen groundcover, with attractive pink white and green foliage.

Oenothera speciosa alba
Oenothera speciosa alba

It produces sweetly fragrant, starry white flowers during summer.

It prefers warm districts and can be grown in the shade.

Viola hederacea or Native Violet is a vigorous growing groundcover spreading to one metre in diameter, with very attractive mauve and white, violet shaped flowers.

This is an excellent groundcover for a moist shaded position.

There is also a white flowering form available to local gardeners.

Vitex ovata or Prostrate Vitex is a hardy ground cover with blue grey foliage and clusters of lavender blue flowers in spring.

Oenothera speciose
Oenothera speciose

It will handle most sunny positions and even grow in exposed locations.

This would be one of the most underutilised groundcovers available to local gardeners.

While many of these plants may not be available all year round in most local nurseries, they should be able to be ordered from specialist nurseries for this garden.

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