Brisbane delays raised in alleged commercial meth case

A MAN accused of being in possession of a commercial quantity of methamphetamines has been left in the hands of the Supreme Court with regards to a bail application.

John Montzka has been remanded in custody for the past six months after being picked up in Longreach in March, according to his defence lawyer Brandon Selic.

Mr Selic made a bail application in Rockhampton Magistrates Court on September 15.

He said his client had original been taken into custody with five charges, but a further three historical charges, which were more than 30 years old, were laid later.

Mr Selic said his client had originally been set down for a long plea court date, however police had informed parties they were alleging the meth was for commercial purposes due to its quantity.

The court heard there was a delay in proceedings with police prosecution still waiting on a drug analysis from Brisbane.

Police prosecutor Madison Kurtz said police objected to Mr Montzka being granted bail because he was a risk of committing further offences and failing to appear.

Mr Selic said due to COVID-19, all Longreach matters were sent to Brisbane, and this case was then forwarded to Rockhampton as Mr Montzka was at the Capricornia Correctional Centre.

He said his client, if dealt with in a magistrates court for the charges, was likely to receive an 18-month prison term and be ordered to serve one third after pleading guilty.

Mr Selic said his client "strenuously denied" the meth was for commercial use.

Acting Magistrate Mark Morrow said the meth quantity was allegedly 6.8 grams with the analysis to reveal how much was pure, which "may be" in excess of two grams and therefore had to be sentenced in the Supreme Court for such an amount.

Mr Selic said he was not willing to leave a man on remand on a "may be".

Mr Morrow raised concerns of delays in Brisbane for the analysis due to the court's record of people being granted bail before being sentenced due to spending too much time on remand while waiting for such evidence.

Ms Kurtz said police had been advised the drug analysis report would be done by October 1.

Mr Selic said his client had a Supreme Court bail application on September 28.

Mr Morrow adjourned the magistrate's bail application until October 2, where it was hoped the court would know if the meth was commercial quantity, or allow the Supreme Court to deal with Mr Montzka's bail matters.

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