Brittany Lauga urges Keppel electorate to Buy Local

YOU might have seen "Santa Brittany" during your drive on Yeppoon-Rockhampton Rd recently, which is part of the Member for Keppel's campaign to promote buying locally.

The campaign was for the Capricorn Coast to boost the economy, create jobs and celebrate the intrinsic value played by small businesses, Brittany Lauga said last week.

"Shopping for Christmas gifts, food and services with small businesses on the Capricorn Coast this year is crucial to the future of our commercial community which is being constantly eroded by national chains and online superstores," Mrs Lauga said.

"The economic value for any community where its residents shop with local small businesses is well documented in a myriad surveys."

Mrs Lauga said the 2015 Westpac Australia Day Report highlighted that 46% of Australians said buying local products to support Australian trade is "the most important thing we can do to strengthen the economy" and that 9 in 10 Australians (92%) feel loyal to at least one small business in their community.

"But while that's the case, it would seem that small businesses are feeling somewhat disenfranchised by their local community, with 66 per cent of shop owners 'feeling forgotten' and 25 per cent of owners feeling 'no connection to their local community' (Galaxy 2013)."

She said a Small Shop Campaign study found 94 per cent of Australian consumers recognised the importance of small business to their local community, but admitted to forgetting to support them, with 90 per cent feeling "sadness, sympathy or disappointment" when small businesses close down in their community.

"We can't have it both ways. Bearing in mind it is up to small business owners to offer quality products at comparable prices, and excellent customer service, something the internet can never offer."

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