Bronze and silver surprise Hickson

AT the UCI World Championships last week Ron Hickson's goal was to finish as one of the top-10 competitors for the Scratch Race and Points Race.

So when he smashed through the competition and claimed bronze and silver in an unexpected yet nail-biting final, it was all a bit overwhelming.

At the start of the 5km Scratch Race in the 60-64 age division Hickson held his position in the front pack.

But as the race progressed he slowly dropped back behind at least another 10 competitors.

Then with only three laps to go he persevered and gained the speed to burst over the line into third place.

The intense Scratch Race on Thursday saw Australian James Veal claim the gold followed by Great Britain's Thomas Edwin Demer at silver.

Hickson couldn't be happier - until Saturday.

When he entered the 60-64 Points Race division he knew it was going to be a difficult one.

And for seven laps Hickson was on his own, but when the race was drawing to an end Australian Jess Smith started to gain on him.

But Smith was no match and finished in third at five points leaving Hickson to claim the silver medal at nine points.

America's Warren Keyser won the gold with a staggering 30 points.

Rockhampton Cycling Club's Brett Ruff said Hickson didn't expect to gain a place in any of his races.

He said when he competed in the World Games earlier in the month he only placed fourth.

“His personal goal was to be in the top 10 and he sort of hoped to get a medal,” he said.

“But he never expected that it would happen.”

Ruff said these two medals had been his biggest accomplishment in Hickson's cycling career so far.

Hickson's son, John Hickson, also competed in the 35-39 division 10km Scratch Race and came in at fifth.

Australian Adam Simonelli won the gold, Russian Mario Nell the silver and an other Australian John Forrest claimed the bronze.

“John was pretty happy with that, but he was still hoping to go a bit better,” he said.

“He just didn't have the speed to go around the others.”

The UCI World Masters Championships was open to riders from 35 years and over and staged almost 90 World Championships in six days. But it is not over for the Hickson family.

They still have the Townsville Cup in December and the Rocky on Wheels Cup in early January.

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